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The Amber Vacuum-Seal Storage Bin for Pet Food

The Amber Vacuum-Seal Storage Bin for Pet Food

Want to ensure your pet has the best meal experience? Get the ultimate pet food storage solution - VOOCOO’s Amber Vacuum-Seal Storage Bin. Holding up to 16.5 lb (7.5 kg) of pet food, the cordless and detachable vacuum pump automatically removes oxygen from the container, keeping all that food fresh.

The Secret to Long-Lasting Pet Food Freshness

Did you know that leaving pet food exposed to the air for too long can cause it to lose its nutrients in addition to going stale and spoiling? That's where the Amber comes in. It automatically sucks oxygen from the container, preserving the flavor and nutrients of your pet's food and prolonging its expiration date.

Say Goodbye to Waiting

Forget about the old-school pumps that take forever to use and require you to hold them the entire time – the Amber container does all the heavy lifting for you with just one quick double-tap. Once set, the pump will automatically adjust air pressure every 8 hours, ensuring your pet's meals stay fresh, tasty, and crunchy.

Store More

We know how important it is to have enough food on hand for your pet. That's why the Amber has a storage capacity of 13L - up to 16.5 lb of food! Buying larger pet food bags is also cheaper, but it’s hard to get through all that food before it goes stale. With the Amber, go ahead and stock up!

Charge and Seal with Ease

VOOCOO’s Amber Vacuum-Seal Storage Bin is the first in the market with a vacuum that can be easily detached from the container itself, meaning you can charge it without having to haul the entire container to the nearest plug. And the best part? Even when the pump is detached, the container remains airtight sealed.


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