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Voon Sports: Never Miss Another Shot

Voon Sports: Never Miss Another Shot

No coach around? So what? With visual and audible cues, the Voon Soccer rebounder actively trains you and redefines your repertoire of soccer skills.

Daily Workflow with Voon Sports

Some of Our Drills in The App

The Rebounder Revolution is Now

Rebounders are just that… rebounders. You kick a ball against them and that's about it.

We see rebounders as having significant, yet untapped, potential. They can be better. Much better. And so, the Voon Soccer was born.


Progress. Undefeatable Progress.

Training is all well and good, and you can kick and run until your legs fall off but how will you know if you are getting any better? The Voon Sports app will tell you just that. The Dot senses the ball hitting the rebounder each time, and so records, tracks and with the 100+ integrated drills, tells you your accuracy, speed, strength and well…progress.

Ours is the Future

The world is changing and sports is changing with it. The Voon Soccer rebounder is portable, reliable, durable and adjustable. With it, you get a trainer, coach, teammate, and tool that is the whetstone to the blade that is you on that pitch.

Packaging approx: 950 x 450 x 65 mm

  • 1 x Voon Soccer Rebounder
  • 1 x DOT
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 4 x Voon Flat Markers


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