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Your Gateway to Affordable & Smart Ventilation

Your Gateway to Affordable & Smart Ventilation

Enjoy consistent clean air at home and forget about your allergies with Vyana - the world's first intelligent closed-loop ventilation system that replaces contaminated indoor air with fresh and filtered air from outside.




Healthy environment


Smart ventilation



Improved, Cost-Saving Home Ventilation

If you live in an older building, your HVAC system likely does not provide sufficient ventilation. Even new buildings have the issue of being airtight inducing the need for air ventilation. With Vyana, you can make sure your home will always have sufficient airing while avoiding costly HVAC upgrades.

Save Money on Cooling

Stop wasting money by running your power-hungry A/C system all day long. Vyana utilizes smart sensors to detect when it’s cool enough outside to replace costly A/C air with cool and fresh outside air, making for a highly efficient and cost-saving solution.

How to Install

Vyana sits flush inside the wall with an air duct. Don’t have the option to install an air-duct? That’s alright — Vyana can also be temporarily installed inside your window with a specially designed universal window mount!

Air Quality Monitoring

Vyana is equipped with air quality sensors constantly measuring the outdoor pollution levels, analyzing the best time to ventilate your home This ensures that you and your family are always breathing healthy air resulting in 25% higher sleep quality.

Go Higher on Productivity

While plants do generate oxygen, they will never produce enough of it to prevent the air inside your living space from going stale. With Vyana your house will maintain healthy levels of oxygen resulting in 150 times greater productivity levels and 26% higher cognitive function score.

Forget About your Indoor Allergies

EPA studies indicate indoor air pollution is 2-5 times worse than outdoor air. With Vyana no more runny noses and sneezing frenzies. It turns your home into a place of comfort and relaxation. It continuously pulls in fresh air from outside and runs it through Merv7+ filters before circulating it into your home, so you're always breathing in clean, filtered air - even when the air outside is polluted.

Treat Yourself with Aromatherapy

Use Vyana with the supplied aroma pads infused with essential oils and fill your space with a calming and therapeutic aromatic fragrance. Choose from various fragrance or buy your favorite essential oil off the shelf!

Intuitive Smartphone App

  • Setting temperature range selesction
  • Defining your ideal humidity range
  • Sync with thermostat
  • Integrate Google Home & Alexa

Ventilator and Purifier in One

Stop wasting your money on purifiers and ventilators. Vyana combines the best of both worlds into one compact package and works proactively to prevent allergens from entering your space in the first place.

Simple and Effective Design

Vyana mimics the natural process of cross-ventilation, where fresh air enters through one window and stale air is expelled through another. To enable this, two units are installed at either end of your space and connected to a power source. For large spaces, simply add more units. It’s that simple!


  • With air duct: 30.5x30.5x50.8 cm (12x12x20 in)
  • With window mount: 30.5x30.5x10.2 cm (12x12x4 in)
  • Weight: 1.8kg (4 lbs)
  • Materials: High-grade plastic


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