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Vyana: Windows closed, Vyana on, Clean air in.

Vyana is the world's first intelligent closed-loop ventilation system that replaces stale indoor air with fresh and filtered outdoor air, increasing oxygen levels and reducing pollutants.


Healthy environment




Smart ventilation



Goodbye Stale Air. Hello, Fresh Air.

Inside air can easily get stale with insufficient ventilation, which affects your health and causes decreased levels of comfort. Vyana brings in fresh, purified outdoor air and maintains healthy levels of oxygen throughout your home.

The Perfect Fusion of Ventilation and Purification

Purifiers are reactive and only clean your space from contaminants that have already penetrated into your space. They also don’t ventilate the air, cycling that same stale air throughout the room. Vyana, on the other hand, works proactively and prevents contaminants from entering your space in the first place, serving as a ventilator and purifier in one.

Smart Sensors for Intelligent Ventilation

Vyana only kicks in when it’s needed, thanks to advanced indoor and outdoor smart sensors that detect temperature and humidity values. It also monitors weather forecasts and building performance and learns as time goes by to determine the ideal ventilation for your house.


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Intuitive Smartphone App

Have full control over your home’s fresh air supply using the intuitive Vyana smartphone app, which allows you to read data reports, provides you with part replacement reminders, and other useful features.



  • Setting temperature preferences
  • Defining your ideal humidity range
  • Connect to smart thermostats
  • Integrate Google Home & Alexa

The Problem with Cracking a Window Open

Opening windows for fresh air allows for unhealthy particles to freely flow into your home. Vyana packs effective Merv7+ filters that purifies the incoming air and prevents allergens, dust, pollen, and other pollutants from contaminating your home environment — so you can enjoy fresh air without worrying about your allergies.

Simple and Effective Design

Vyana works by sucking in clean and filtered outdoor air from one side of your space, and blowing out stale indoor air from the other. To enable this, 2 units are installed at either end of your home and connected to a power source. For larger spaces, simply add more units. It’s that simple!

Want fresh air indoors?

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Treat Yourself with Aromatherapy

Use Vyana with essential oils and fill your space with a calming and therapeutic aromatic fragrance.

How to Install

Vyana sits flush inside the wall with an air duct. Don’t have the option to install an air-duct? That’s alright — Vyana can also be installed inside your window with a specially designed universal window mount.


Stop wasting money by running your power-hungry A/C system all day long. Vyana utilizes its smart sensors to detect when it’s cool enough outside to replace that costly A/C air with cool and fresh outside air, making for a highly efficient and cost-saving solution.


Product Specifications

Dimensions with window mount: 30.5x30.5x10.2cm (12x12x4 in). Weight: 0.9kg (2 lbs), Materials: High-grade plastic safe for outdoor use. Colors: Chantilly White, Espresso Brown, Burnt Orange

Want fresh air indoors?

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