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Wettie Warmaz: Turn any wetsuit into a HEATED WETSUIT!

Wettie Warmaz: Turn any wetsuit into a HEATED WETSUIT!

Attention Surfers, Divers, SUPers, Foilers, Windsurfers, Wakeboarders, Kitesurfers and other ocean enthusiasts. Get ready to elevate your watersports game. Wettie Warmaz will allow you to stay warm and comfortable in any condition. Surf longer, dive deeper and explore further, no matter the season.

Warm in the Water

Wettie Warmaz are available in either a Rash Vest or Kidney Belt that seamlessly integrates inside your own wetsuit.
The heaters slip inside pockets and are strategically placed around the kidney area for maximum warmth and comfort.
A wireless remote is worn on your wrist like a watch. This gives you ultimate control over your comfort level desired whilst out in the water.

Wetsuit Not Cutting It?

Is your wetsuit failing on warmth and performance? You might be thinking, "Isn’t my wetsuit supposed to keep me warm?" It is, but wetsuit technology hasn't changed much in 70 years. 


Your body works to heat a thin layer of water, and within minutes in the cold, your temperature drops. Wettie Warmaz is an external heat source that helps maintain your body’s core temperature and delays hypothermia.


Stay Warm Sitting in the Lineup

The trouble with surfing is all the time we spend waiting for the wave…

How often have you been sitting in the lineup waiting for that perfect wave to come your way?

When you’re left out there waiting and not paddling, you might not be as warm as your wetsuit promised you…

Wettie Warmaz solves that issue by keeping you warm even when you’re not actively moving.

Wettie Warmaz Doesn’t Discriminate

Whether you’re a Surfer with half your body submerged in the lineup, or you prefer to SUP and are standing, or if you’re a Foiler, Kitesurfer or Windsurfer and fly more than you surf, Wettie Warmaz is the ideal way to stay warm in the water.

Dive Deeper

Some of you prefer to go beneath the surface, so for all you divers, spearfishermen, and lobster hunters out there, Wettie Warmaz is made specifically for you.

With Wettie Warmaz, you can wear a thinner suit, get more mobility and stay warmer underwater. Made to be compatible with diving suits (either wet or dry), you can go deep with Wettie Warmaz when your 7mm isn’t cutting it anymore.

Full Comfort

Wettie Warmaz are strategically placed to be in the most comfortable place on your body. You won’t have to worry about something big and bulky getting in the way as you stand up or as you paddle because they sit around your kidney area, warming up the core of your body.

Wireless Wettie Warmaz

Wettie Warmaz is wirelessly charged and wirelessly activated. No worrying about cables and no worrying about getting zapped. And with its 2+ hours of battery life, your dive and surf sessions just got longer.

Stop Buying Different Wetsuits!

You shouldn’t need different suits for different waves. With Wettie Warmaz there’s no need to have a 2mm summer suit, a 3/2mm or 4/3mm for spring and fall and then a 5mm plus for winter. Besides, when have you ever paddled comfortably in a 5mm before? With Wettie Warmaz, the suit that you thought couldn’t bring the heat, can now keep you toasty enough in any condition no mater how cold.

What’s in the Box

  • 1 x Rash Vest or 1 x Kidney Belt
  • 2 x Batteries / Heaters
  • 1 x Wireless Remote
  • 1 x Wireless Charger

Surf Trips Just Got Hotter

Take Wettie Warmaz with you on every surf trip. Its travel-friendly and compact design lets you take on waves from Australia to Canada and everything in between. Surf longer, stay warm in the water…only with Wettie Warmaz.


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