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WiiPak: The ultimate pet hair solution!

WiiPak: The ultimate pet hair solution!

WiiPak is the ultimate pet hair solution that cleans, grooms, massages, and vacuums your pet in one easy-to-use device! Say goodbye to loose hair getting stuck everywhere with WiiPak!

A Gift for You and Your Furry Friends.

Different attachments for different needs

Whether it is grooming, massaging, or cleaning up after your furry friend’s mess, WIIPAK has attachments that can be used for any kinds of scenario.

Turtle head: The solution for fur-free clothes

The turtle head can pick up any fur stuck deep in your clothes so you don’t leave your house with a fur coat made by your furry friends.

Enjoyment for both you and your pets

With WIIPAK Glove you can give your beloved pet a nice massage and flexible enough to clean their paws. Let WIIPAK be a gift instead of a tool for you, your family, and your pets.



It can be stored on a shelf in, inside a cupboard, or anywhere where there is enough space for a book.

Safe Material

The glove is made with food-grade materials. Making it safe for your pet.

Premium Filteration

Premium filtration, including our charcoal sponge filter that reduces smells from being expelled.


Up to 55 minutes battery life and 1.3 M long hose for maximum portability.


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