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Kutty FS: Lightest Foldable Full-Suspension E-bike

Kutty FS: Lightest Foldable Full-Suspension E-bike

Merging ultimate comfort with unrivaled portability, Kutty FS is the ultimate foldable e-bike for all your commutes and urban travels.

Meet the Kutty FS

We wanted to come up with a foldable e-bike that’s truly portable, so we thoroughly planned and meticulously engineered Kutty FS’ every single aspect. Lightweight, easy to carry, and extremely smooth, this foldable e-bike goes above and beyond, making for a ride unlike any other.

Foldable & Portable

You should be able to take your e-bike with you anywhere. Thanks to its extremely compact and foldable design, Kutty FS will perfectly fit in your car, RV, the corner of your office, or… well, the possibilities are endless!

Lightweight: only 18kg

Foldable e-bikes are only truly portable when they can be carried around with ease. The Kutty FS is built to be lightweight making it an absolute breeze to carry around.

Hello, smoothness & suspension!

Unlike other foldable e-bikes which compromise on ride quality, the Kutty FS rocks both a front and rear suspension, making even the bumpiest road feel buttery smooth for an unmatched level of comfort. The front RST guide suspension fork provides 60mm of travel and offers a fully adjustable preload, lockout, and rebound.




Bafang Hub Drive Motor

Reliable and smooth, the 250W Bafang hub-drive motor will get you to your destination with minimal effort.

Shimano 7-Speed Drivetrain

From climbing a hill or to pick up speed on flats, the 7-speed Shimano drivetrain has a gear for every situation.

Front & Rear Suspension

The Kutty FS foldable e-bike rocks a full-suspension for maximum comfort and stability even on the roughest roads.

Battery & Charging

Whether commuting to work or sight-seeing through the city, our batteries will cover your trip within 65km(40mi) range for 2-3 hour charge time.

Thumb Throttle

Sometimes you’re just too tired to use your feet. That’s why we’ve included a thumb throttle. With just one push of your thumb, the Kutty FS will get you going. Easy.

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