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WUBEN X2 PRO: Illuminate Every Situation

Compact yet powerful, offers 1500 lumens and precise electronic focus. With a 400-lumen side light featuring RGB signals, a magnetic tail for hands-free use, and replaceable 14500 batteries, it's perfect for any adventure. Ideal for rescue missions, everyday carry, and outdoor exploration.

Max 1,500 Lumens Brightness

For outdoor adventures and everyday tasks, the main light's 1500 lumens brightness is just right, offering ample illumination without being too harsh. The electronic focus adjustment allows you to swiftly switch between floodlight and spotlight, catering to all your lighting needs.

RGB Side Lights

Incorporated red, blue, and green LEDs tailored for emergencies, the side lights ensuring swift and precise identification. They serve multiple purposes, including warning signals, team identification, and enhancing visibility in outdoor environments.

Effortless Mechanical Controls

Experience the convenience and precision of intuitively designed mechanical buttons. These buttons allow you to seamlessly switch between the leading and side lights and adjust brightness and modes. These tactile controls ensure you're always ready for any situation.

Compact Portability

Designed for compact portability, the X2pro is approximately half the height of the iPhone 15 Pro Max; it Enhances convenience and offers uncompromising functionality.

Hands-Free Magnetic Base

X2Pro's magnetic solid base at the bottom allows easy attachment to various metal surfaces, maximizing the convenience of the side light feature.

Professional Gear Compatibility

Designed to seamlessly integrate with professional helmet interfaces, this feature makes the flashlight an indispensable tool for industrial workers, firefighters, and outdoor enthusiasts. Its adaptability to specialized gear ensures it's ready for any professional application.

Robust Back Clip

The robust clip on the back allows you to secure the flashlight to your backpack, belt, or pocket, making it easily accessible and perfect for on-the-go use. 

Ultimate Battery Flexibility

X2PRO uses replaceable AA batteries, ensuring power anywhere. It also operates with just ONE battery, providing extended runtime in critical moments.

What's in the Box?

  • WUBEN X2PRO *1
  • Helmet Mounting Clamp *1
  • 14500 Battery *2
  • USB-C Cable *1


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