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X-way: Let There Be Light All Through the Night

X-way: Let There Be Light All Through the Night

We have perfected the flashlight for you to have the light you need at all hours, conditions and temperatures of the night. With three different models DL-320, DL-1200 and DL-2500 each serving its own purpose, you will have a dependable and durable light source that serves your every need.

Illuminate What You Need

Your light needs to remain anywhere you set it down. The DL-1200 is what we like to call our rotating tactical model. With a clip and magnet feature you can set your light virtually anywhere and illuminate your campsite, car engine, and everything else at night. With three settings of brightness you get 5 hours of constant illumination at the highest light setting. Your DL-1200 fits comfortably in your hand and can be rotated with just one finger.

Effortlessly Shine Where You Need

The adjustable head pivots on a dime giving you a 90 degree turn that stays exactly where you leave it. The head is easy enough to turn with one finger as you hold the light and strong enough to not move until you turn it again.

Headlamps Suck

You need light without having to hold it. Your X-way DL-320 hangs around your neck offering you hands free illumination. You can fix a car in the middle of the night, climb a mountain before dawn, set up camp late at night, or read a book without turning on the light. The DL-320 lets you do everything at night what you would need the day to do. Never be caught fumbling with a flashlight again.

Headlamps Still Suck

With adjustable arms and dimmable lights you can focus light and get a general view without having to feel the pressure from the strap of a headlamp. Your DL-320 hangs around your neck, and your light stays focused where you set it and doesn’t move around because you turned your head. The lithium ion battery means you won’t have to be at the mercy of batteries and just one hour gives you full battery life to take on the night.

Turn the Night into Day

For light at night that is comparable with daylight your X-way DL-2500 gives you a whopping 2500 lumens for all your nighttime needs. With a clip that can mount on any cloth and magnet feature that clings to all kinds of metal, you get light as far as 400 meters for 4 hours at max capacity.

Brilliance Redefined

To give you an idea, the DL-2500 is 2.5 times more bright than a law enforcement flashlight. Light is at your beck-and-call with three different brightness settings and quick charging to give you all the light you will ever need in less than an hour.

The Right Kind of Torch

Your X-way flashlights are designed to be as versatile as possible made to be used for any occasion. Walk the dog at night or set up your campsite in the dark. Climb mountains at dawn or have something when the power goes out. Fix your car without having to hold a light or read a book without disturbing anyone around you. X-way has thought of everything so you don’t have to wait for daylight to do what you need to do.

What’s in the Box

  • The Product
  • A manual
  • Charging cable


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