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Your Favorite  Glass of Wine Perfected

Your Favorite Glass of Wine Perfected

Enjoy at Your Own Pace

Open that bottle you have been waiting for. You don’t have to stop yourself enjoying just one glass out of fear of the rest of the bottle spoiling. Santus Andante is the smart wine dispenser that pours a glass of chilled perfection while preserving the rest of the bottle.

Enjoy at Your Own Pace

Keep Your Favorite Wine Longer

You know all too well that letting your wine breathe is essential to unlocking its full flavor. But leave it exposed for too long and it begins to spoil. Unlike other dispensers that use expensive argon gas canisters to keep air out, Santus Andante uses premium air filter cartridges that can keep your wine fresh for up to two weeks.

Drink Smart, Drink Well

The Santus Andante app will alert you when your wine is going bad, it is time to get a new air filter, and even control the temperature at which your wine is held.

The Perfected Process

Just place the cork in your bottle and place inside. Watch as the platform gently raises your bottle to the mouth of the dispenser where the vacuum tight seal will filter out all air, keeping your wine fresh for the next pour.


  • Height x Width x Depth
  • 5cm x 1.57cm x 2cm
  • 2 in x 0.6 in x 0.8 in

Wine is Always an Option

You aren’t limited to serving hard alcohol to guests anymore out of the fear of spoiling your bottes. Santus Andante is perfect for enjoying a nice glass at home or impressing your guest at the office.

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