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Night Shade: Set Your Sleep Environment

Night Shade: Set Your Sleep Environment

Get the perfect night's sleep with Night Shade, the overhead bed housing that allows you to customize your sleep environment.

A Cozy Escape Every Night!

With Night Shade, you can finally get an undisturbed night's sleep. This innovative overhead bed housing allows you to set your sleeping conditions, so you can sleep soundly and wake up refreshed.

A Cozy Escape Every Night!

Create the Perfect Sleep Environment

Control sleep sounds, scent, airflow, and light through your phone. Look forward to every night and get the maximum benefit from a full night of sleep.

Night Shade — Create the perfect sleep environment

Night Shade is the perfect way to create your own personal sleep environment. You can control the light, the sound, the airflow, and even dampen external noise — all while you're in bed!

Control the light

The dimmable lights allow you to create the perfect warm lighting for your night and morning routines.

Control the sound

The sound system lets you choose the perfect sounds to put you to sleep.

Control the airflow and scent

The airflow system gives you the perfect amount of airflow and ability to introduce amazing scents into your sleep environment.

Dampen external noise

The noise-dampening system ensures that you won't be disturbed by external noise.

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