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Zanger: AI on Guard of Your Property and Privacy

Zanger: AI on Guard of Your Property and Privacy

Meet the next-generation home security system that takes privacy to a whole new level. From shielding your house to safeguarding the yard, and even detecting snooping drones overhead – with Zanger you’ll be safe and secure.

There’s Always Someone at Home

Burglars like to strike when no one’s at home. But with Zanger, they’ll never know you’re gone! When you’re away, simply turn on the security lights feature from your phone, and Zanger will use lights to create an illusion of people and activity inside your house.

Protect Your Privacy from Spying Drones

How would it make you feel if a drone took footage of you while you are sunbathing in your own backyard or hanging out with your kids in the living room? Zanger prevents such scenarios. With the power of AI, it differentiates between emergency and service drones, and notifies you when suspicious drone activity is detected — so you can take action before it’s too late.

No Recurring Fees

Say goodbye to costly monitoring fees and be safe knowing that your property is protected for eternity, with no hidden charges. Enjoy total property protection without any recurring costs or fees. Forever.

Protect Large Areas

Each Zanger sensor protects an area up the size of a football field and a minimum of 54 meters (60 yards) high, so whether you have a small house or a large estate, you can be sure that Zanger can protect it all! And best of all, you can add more sensors to protect even larger areas!

Total Control in the Palm of Your Hands

Be in complete control of your security system — no matter where you are. Suspicious activity detected? Worry not, as you'll instantly get notified on your smartphone. Want to watch video footage? No problem, the smartphone app allows you to do that, too!

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The world is evolving. And with technology getting more and more advanced, we realized that traditional home security systems no longer sufficiently protect our homes. With the mission to take home security to the next level, we gathered a strong team of entrepreneurs, IT specialists, and engineers with extensive experience (including developing sensor systems for the US Special Forces) — and developed Zanger. Ready to protect your property and secure your privacy like never before.

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