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Zenkie: AI Powered Pocket Gym That Goes Anywhere

Zenkie: AI Powered Pocket Gym That Goes Anywhere

Workout on your schedule, anytime, anywhere. With built in training direct to your phone you can strength train and stretch without needing a power source because your workout powers more than your muscles, it powers Zenkie. The multi workout training gym that you can stuck to any smooth surface.

Train However You Like

Build muscle the smart way with a whopping 50 Kgs (110 pounds) of resistance.


More Than Just a Workout

Post workout stretches are crucial for muscular recovery. Along with personalized strength training plans you get customized stretch workouts to help you recover after each workout. Give your muscles the stretch they need in ways that can't be done without Zenkie’s proprietary stretch capabilities. 

Power More Than Your Muscles

No need to plug it in and no need to charge the batteries. All that work you do won’t just make you stronger, but will also power your Zenkie. Zenkie charges the more you use it and by exercising you power your gym and other devices like cell phone. Go green and go efficient without letting all that hard work go to waste. Built with durability to last backed by a 2-year warranty to boot, you’ll be pumping iron for a long time. 

Personal Coaching All in One Place

With real time coaching you won’t know just how well you can train unless you pick up Zenkie and start testing your limits. Zenkie’s coach knows what you can do and the custom algorithm gives you the encouragement and instruction you need to be the best version of yourself.


Avoid the Weights

Don’t exercise with the fear of dropping a weight on your foot. Avoid injuries with Zenkie and start exercising the smarter way. With several workouts you can do without the use of weights, you’ll wonder why you ever paid anyone to pick up heavy things. 


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