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Say goodbye to screen time and hello to face-to-face fun! With the rise of technology, we've shifted from real life interactions to virtual ones, but it's time to bring back the good old days of hanging out with friends and family. And what better way to do that than by playing board games? 

These games are growing more popular every day and are the perfect opportunity to bond with your loved ones, get to know each other better, and create unforgettable memories. Ready to spice up your next game night? Check out these 6 creative and wildly entertaining board games for adults to make your evenings together a blast!

Spending quality time with family and friends while playing these unusual board games is simply amazing, isn’t it? But that doesn’t come single-handedly and there’s so much more to board games. Not only do they bring giggles and smiles, but they also offer our brains an intense workout by making us think on our feet. All the participants would certainly benefit from these unusual board games and make use of their obtained skills on all walks of life.

Are you now ready for some serious and challenging fun? We’ve rounded up six wild and wacky board games that’ll take your excitement to new heights!

Check out the hyperlinked list. Let’s start the game, shall we? 

Nine Arches

Your Next Adventure is Just One Draw Away

Reasons to get this unique card game:

  • Exciting and Interesting
  • A memorable journey with cards

Get ready for a wild and thrilling adventure with Nine Arches! This unique board game is all about embarking on three challenging journeys with cards and passing through the arches to reach the finish line. Whoever crosses the finish line first, is the winner of the game.

The rules of the game are pretty simple – (1) draw three cards from the pile, (2) consult your guide, (3) create your own adventure, and (4) share your story.

Whether you want to travel around the world one card at a time or just spice up a lazy weekend with friends, Nine Arches has got your back with the many game modes. Play a Timed Flash Round for a fun, improvised thrill, or go through the whole Nine Arches Adventure over several months. You can adjust the game mode based on your preference.

Let the journey unfold. You’re in control of your story and the decisions you make will determine your victory! So get ready for the one-of-a-kind adventure that you’ll never forget.

18 Hex Games Collection

18 hexagonal tiles. 1 minute to learn, 15 minutes to play.

Reasons to Get This Board Game:

  • Strategy Game
  • Three different story modes
  • Unusual board game

Gather around the 18 HEX COLLECTION puzzle pieces and start competing in a board race with your friends. Combine the matching tiles from the vivid world of ISO or the asymmetric world Pantheon. Your objective is to reach the checkpoint as fast as you can. The player managing to combine most tiles and reaching the objective first, is the winner of the race.

Are you now intrigued by the 18 HEX COLLECTION? This game is a trilogy, if you will, with three exciting story modes – ISO, Pantheon & Hextremadura.

In the colorful puzzle dimension called ISO, you and your two opponents are tasked to reach your objectives by connecting the matching cards from the pile.

In the asymmetrical strategy game, Pantheon, you need to construct a massive monument to honor your deities. However, only the strongest culture would survive this multiplayer clash of titans.

Last but not least, in Hextremadura, you’ll discover new lands beyond the edges of the long river Duevo. In this challenging mode you’re tasked to combine the different tiles to achieve every possible objective at the end of your journey.

OLEM: The Board Game Robot

The mobile rover that recognizes and interacts with pieces, the board, and its environment

Reasons to Get This Board Game:

  • Robot assistant
  • Never-before-seen board game
  • Multiple games with OLEM

OLEM: The Board Game robot is a playful robotic companion, who brings to life an exciting new world of board games. With new gameplay mechanics and 20 games at release, playing with OLEM is going to be both fun and challenging at the same time. With Olem by your side, you can unleash your imagination and set off on a thrilling adventure in uncharted territories of board gaming. Every move and every decision you make will present a unique and challenging experience, unlike any you've had before.

For example, in the Guardian & Thieves, OLEM will be a Golem protecting the dungeon from trespassers. So it won’t be easy to pass by the robot unnoticed. You’ll need extra effort and thought to carefully outline your moves. Your team is going to compete against this intelligent robot, so that’s going to be quite a challenge.

You can create your own game using OLEM's mobile app and the robot as your companion. By easily connecting to your smartphone, OLEM provides a variety of unique games that will shift your experience with board games into a blast.

It’s very easy to navigate the robot. Simply:

  1. Open up the app on your smartphone
  2. Go the the Game Library
  3. Download a Game
  4. Enjoy playing with OLEM using all the features in the mobile app

So what? Are you now intrigued with this unusual board game robot?

Wacky Puppies

Fun, engaging, and easy-to-learn card game

Reasons to Get Wacky Puppies:

  • Hilarious experience
  • Easy-to-learn
  • Fun and Engaging
  • Ideal for Groups

Wacky Puppies is a hilarious card game for all age groups. Yeah, you can play it with your kids, your friends, your parents anytime and anywhere. It's an engaging ride with funny pups turning your game night into a memorable one. Unlike many other difficult and competitive card games, Wacky Puppies is pretty easy to learn. It'll take you only two minutes to grasp the game rules and launch a witty experience. 

First, gather a group of 2 to 5 of your closest game night gang and step into the wild world of Wacky Puppies. With two intriguing card decks at your disposal – the Standard Deck and the Special Abilities Deck – you'll set off on a heart-pumping adventure that you’ll remember in the days to come.

Take turns drawing cards, each one brimming with excitement, until one lucky player draws the Detonator or the Bomb card. And that's when the real fun begins – the challenge, the tension, the laughter. You never know what's coming next, but you can be sure that every moment is worth your nerves.

Here are some tips that’ll make your Wacky Puppies experience a challenging one:

  • Don’t be afraid to sabotage your opponent’s cards. Be a troublemaker in this game. You can give your friend a bomb card or maybe steal the cards you like from the decks. There are no limits as for how twisted you can turn the flow of the game.

  • With Special Abilities Cards you can force your opponent to do funny stuff — run around the room, lick their nose, and so on. The limit of these suggestions is your imagination. So, ensure to make use of that :) 

  • The main objective of the game is to avoid getting yourself exploded. Make use of any of the 18 unique cards to evade, deflect or delay the explosion before it’s too late.

Chess 48: Smart Chess Board

The exclusive smart chess board with random pawn promotion

Reasons to get Chess48:

  • Introduces randomness
  • Brain-challenging board game
  • A whole new Chess experience

Do you enjoy playing chess and putting up a tough fight against your opponents? If you're a fan of competitive board games, this third iteration of Chess was made specifically for you.

With its unorthodox features, this Chess Board will make your games even more interesting and competitive than traditional Chess. Due to the unique design of this beautiful Chess48 board, your pawns will randomly level up when they reach your opponent’s side of the board and give you a random character to continue playing with.

Chess48 is loaded with cutting-edge sensors that whip through all possible moves and strategies like a real chess grandmaster! Stuck in the middle of a game? No problem!

The Chess48 mobile app is like having a personal chess coach in your pocket, dishing out expert advice and helping you make your next move with ease. Another exciting feature about this board game is that every square can be backlit with uniform LED lights offering hints and tips to both new and experienced players alike. So, you won’t be alone when it comes to competing with a real pro.

Also, you can save your games for later and even share them with friends and family for some post-game analysis. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a chess beginner, Chess48 takes the game to new heights and level of fun!

One Week ‘Till Christmas

Fun and easy-to-learn board game that’s ready to elevate Christmas gatherings

One Week ‘Till Christmas is a great, easy-to-learn board game designed to elevate the warm Christmas mood in your cozy household. This crazy board game is suited for people of all ages. So, if you are looking for a hilarious and memorable Christmas eve with your family and friends, this board game guarantees that you get your desired results. 

The board includes:

  • 150 Playing cards
  • 3 Broken Table tokens
  • 10 Figures
  • Game Board & instructions

Santa's workshop has a limited number of work tables, and his hard-working but tired elves are battling it out for a chance to use them. The player who expertly manages their elf team and produces the most presents within the given time limit will emerge in glory!

You can assemble an entire elve squad. You can befriend a bookworm elf, gamer elf, and so many others. However, note that not every elf is good at making presents. Some elves bring coals and some just gifts. So before drawing an elf from the pile, pray to draw someone who can make heads or tails of their job.

Besides the elf cards, this game also has item cards — weapons, thief, wrecker, and magic show — which are like magical superpowers to equip your elves, so they can fight for their working tables. 

Here are two tips to help you win the challenge:

  • Take control of as many working tables as possible.
  • Use item cards to equip your elves with powers in order to protect their spot on the working table

Look at the calendar, is it already the seventh day and your team collected the highest number of gifts? Congratulations, you’re the winners of the game!


Are board games good for your brain?

Playing board games does, indeed, have significant benefits for your brain. Board game players are less likely to obtain dementia and cognitive decline.

What makes a board game unique?

Board games make you challenge your cognitive skills and make deep, meaningful choices.

Do board games improve IQ?

Playing board games stimulates brain areas that are responsible for memory formation and complex thought processes. So, yes!

What makes a good board game?

A good board game has engaging gameplay, challenging strategy, balanced mechanics, replayability, and appropriate length.

Do board games train your brain?

Yes, board games can train your brain. Many board games require players to use cognitive skills such as strategy, critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making. Additionally, some games like chess and Go can help improve memory, pattern recognition, and spatial reasoning skills. Moreover, games that require communication and collaboration, like cooperative games, can also enhance social skills and emotional intelligence. 


In today's tech-driven world, it's easy to get lost in screens and forget the importance of face-to-face connections. But don't worry, board games are here to save the day!

These games bring people together and ignite the spark of real human interaction, especially for those who are looking for a break from digital devices.

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