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Can you imagine a day without your smartphone? Mobile phones have evolved from simple hand-held devices into multifunctional gadgets with functionalities that go way beyond the capacity of making and receiving calls. As Mitch Joel put it, mobile is no longer about what you can do on your cell phone. It’s all about doing more, all of the time. And there is always room for progress. 

While already we can do pretty much everything on our smartphones, there’s a way to make them even more useful. Here’s where cool phone accessories come in to enhance the functionality and performance of smartphones.

Any additional hardware that is not necessary for a mobile phone to function is referred to as a mobile phone accessory. So it’s up to you to decide what to get based on your needs. Still, there are some must-haves worth considering. The purchase of a phone case and a screen protector, for instance, can prevent your valuable device from being damaged or destroyed. Having a power bank is like having an extra key to your home. It gives you peace of mind as you know that your phone battery won’t die in the middle of the day. 

The market is saturated with different phone accessories to the point where it’s difficult to make a choice. So we’ve made this list of cool phone accessories to help you make the most of your smartphone.


The hands-free phone holder that doesn’t distract

Reasons to have it: 

  • Effortless installation
  • Magnetic phone mount
  • Multipurpose

After the easy installation of Lefty, you’ll be able to use your phone without taking your hands off the wheel. Instead of annoying clamps, it comes with a magnetic phone mount, which keeps your smartphone firmly in place. No worries, you can still operate your car window as usual. And if you think it’s only for lefties, you’re wrong. Lefty can also be used on the right and even in the back of the car.

What’s more, Lefty is super versatile. Besides the magnetic and symmetrical phone holder, it also has storage space for small items, a cup or ashtray holder, and a power bank holder.


The ultimate magnetic wireless power bank.

Reasons to have it: 

  • Firm and secure magnetic fit
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Wireless and wired fast charging
  • For both Apple and Android smartphones

The struggle is real when you realize your phone's battery is dying, and you have no idea where to charge it. MagCharge is the first magnetic charging set compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones. It’s compact, extremely lightweight, and also really powerful. With its 5000mAh battery, it will charge your phone up to 2 times. Moreover, you can charge 2 devices at the same time using the USB-C cable. The MagCharge is also ultrafast, as it offers 10W of wireless and 20W of wired charging.

Elecjet Apollo Ultra power bank

The next revolution in graphene technology

Reasons to have it: 

  • Fast charging
  • Longer battery life 
  • Battery cooling system
  • Lightweight and powerful

Using the revolutionary graphene technology, the Elecjet Apollo Ultra power bank transfers power at amazing speeds and quantities without straining your battery. This 10,000 mAh power bank will charge your phone from 0 –100% in only 25 minutes! 

What’s more, you can charge two devices at once using the Type-C and USB 3.0 ports. And we all know that outlets are sometimes hard to come by. Apollo Ultra got your back since you can charge it while it charges another device.


The most convenient snap-on call recorder designed for iPhones

Reasons to have it: 

  • One-button recording
  • Secure and reliable
  • Saves your recordings automatically

Most of the time, it's easier to record the call instead of writing everything down. However, while you’re looking for that recording app or waiting for advertisements to load, you might skip some important information. The solution is already available. 

Effortlessly snap your Magmo onto the MagSafe of your iPhone, and that’s it! You’re ready to record calls at the flick of a switch.

With Magmo you can record your call in a noisy environment, as it diminishes background noise and focuses on the vibrations coming through your phone. Magmo is small and lightweight, and with its minimalistic design, it will perfectly blend in with your iPhone.


The fast-charging, one-cable solution for all your charging needs

Reasons to have it: 

  • Highly compatible
  • Easy-to-use
  • Strong magnetism

With Magnito you don’t have to carry multiple chargers with you. It’s a fast-charging magnetic cable, powerful enough to charge all of your devices with a single cable. It’s super easy to plug, and its 540-rotating strong magnetic design ensures that it will always stay in place. 

Magnito is compatible with all devices, such as 8-Pin, Micro-USB, and Type-C. You can also charge your laptop with this cable.

Nigiri: Sushi Power Bank

A portable charger designed to recharge your phone when you’re on the move.

Reasons to have it: 

  • Fast charging
  • Easy to carry
  • Fun for food lovers

This is a great little power bank, small and light enough to fit easily in your pocket yet powerful enough to get you through a weekend away. The Nigiri sushi power bank will fully charge your phone in only 45 minutes. 

Sushi lovers, let’s take a moment to appreciate this slick design.


iPhone case with full privacy

Reasons to have it: 

  • Easy to use
  • Blocks both cameras and microphone
  • Cool design

This phone case will protect not only your iPhone but also your privacy. Undercover allows you to control your personal information by covering both your cameras and microphone with just a switch. It uses two sliding mechanisms to block your cameras and also to keep your lenses clean. 

If you want to go completely off the radar, you can get the Faraday Cover. You just need to slide your smartphone into this case, and it will block all signals from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to RFID and GPS.


The phone accessories are there to complete your smartphone and make it better. We hope our list of cool phone accessories will help you find the accessories that best meet your needs.

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