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The idea of upgrading our homes was ingrained in the human consciousness thousands of years ago when our ancestors grew into cave-dwelling homo sapiens. Since then new creative methods and cutting-edge concepts have been developed all the time to simplify and enhance our daily lives.

With rapid technological change, many innovative home products have been introduced to the market. And a paradigm-shifting change has already started to take place in the way we live in and manage our homes. Basically, innovation may be described as the use of improved solutions created to address existing demands and requirements in a way that is more effective than how it was done in the past.

Innovations aren't only about getting us to the moon, flying cars, and Ready Player One-level virtual reality. Sometimes even the smallest of innovations on an existing concept can lead to great positive change. Like upgrading the way shelves are made to be more environmentally friendly. Or combining different brush heads into one ergonomic cleaning tool that makes our lives easier. Sure, they won't cure cancer. But many of these innovations will definitely improve lives!

In this article, we’ve gathered together the best 11 innovative home products that will serve you better than their forerunners or satisfy a need you didn’t recognize you had.

OE Play: The Sound of a New Generation

A tweeter that combines top-of-the-line design with flawless sound.

Reasons to get it:

  • Exquisite retro design
  • Complete sonorous sound
  • Explosive bass
  • Lifetime warranty

With its Air Motion Tweeter (AMT) electroacoustic transducer, OE play stands out in the market of commercial audio products. High sound pressure may be transmitted from the folded diaphragm due to the innovative acoustic AMT structure design of OE Play. This increases the sound speed of the speaker by 3–5 times compared to a ball-top speaker. 

You need no prior setup, apps, cables, or battery packs with OE play. Just connect via Bluetooth and enjoy your music. Moreover, you can easily move it around thanks to its compact design and removable legs. 

So with its pristine sound and slick design OE play will find its unique place in the list of your innovative devices. 

Cozyblock: The Perfect Play Couch

Designed for you to help your children as they begin to develop their own imaginative world early on.

Reasons to get it:

  • Magnetic and Modular
  • Toxin-Free
  • Waterproof
  • Washable

With Cozyblock your kids will have a healthier alternative to sitting in front of the TV and playing video games. Since there are hidden magnets inside the couch, your kids can make lots of different objects out of their favorite couch and develop their motor skills and logic. 

Luft Mask Air Shield: ultimate personal air purifier

The smallest smart air purifier in the world.

Reasons to get it:

  • Washable metal dust collector
  • Electrostatic Precipitator
  • Patented Photocatalytic

Luft Mask is a carefully designed portable device that will take care of your health in an environmentally friendly, affordable, and accessible way. With Luft Mask, you can forget about maintenance, expensive filter replacements, and charging batteries.

Whether on the road, at home, or at the office, Luft Mask will help you guard the air around you with the utmost air purification. This new innovative product perfectly purifies the air of viruses, bacteria, and toxic gases to PM2.5. When the air quality is poor, it automatically switches to the strong-wind filtering mode, so the air around you will always be safe and clean.

Smile: The Modular Shelf Made Of Chopsticks

For those who adore upscale sustainable, minimalistic, and environmentally friendly design.

Reasons to get it:

  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Timeless design
  • Modularity
  • Durability

The Smile shelves are crafted from recycled chopsticks and recycled construction steel. Smile collects local waste products from restaurants and construction sites to process and engineer them into timeless and durable decor items. They’ve already repurposed more than 25 million chopsticks and it’s only the beginning. 

With Smile, you can combine as many shelves as you want, mix and match different sizes and colors, and place them any way you want. So if you decide to add something new to your innovative home decor products, you can’t go wrong with Smile.

Skadu: The Fastest Way To Clean Any Surface

Built to clean any surface effortlessly.

Reasons to get it:

  • 100% waterproof
  • Submersible to 5 feet
  • AI-powered brushes
  • Efficient cleaning with multiple heads

The next product in our list of innovative home products is Skadu, which will clean even the toughest grime for you with its adaptive AI-powered brushes. Built from eco-friendly and recycled materials, it’ll keep you satisfied for years. 

This smart home innovation feels the difference between small stains and burnt patches and increases the cleaning power automatically. Moreover, Skadu comes with 3 different head attachments, so you can easily clean all those hard-to-reach places.

On top of all this, you can adjust and monitor your Skadu with its app. Make the best of technological advancements even when it comes to cleaning!

The Riize: Use Your Standing Desk Longer

Designed for you to stand for hours without fatigue.

Reasons to get it:

  • Hours of standing without getting tired
  • Back extension prevents slouching
  • Full body support 
  • Active standing with energy expenditure

The list of health issues caused by prolonged sitting is extremely broad and significant, ranging from elevated blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels to obesity. The Riize comes to reduce these risks and to be a part of your innovative work-from-home products. With this standing desk chair, you’ll be able to stand in front of your desk and feel healthier without getting tired. 

With The Riize you can maintain a complete range of motion around your standing desk while also getting consistent body support. It also improves your posture and keeps your back extended. So you can say goodbye to slouching and immobility and fully concentrate on your work.

Photonix: The Ultimate 3-in-1 Cordless Multi-Tool

Compact and affordable device for DIYers and gardeners like you.

Reasons to get it:

  • High-quality trigger
  • Durable support handle and anti-slip grip
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Safety lock and led battery indicator

Photonix is a 3-in-1 innovative solution for your gardening, home renovation, and DIY projects.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the three easily interchangeable saw attachments of Photonix will allow you to perform a wide range of activities - clearing branches from trees, trimming shrubs, pruning flowers, repairing windows, smoothing wood surfaces, removing old paint and grout and so much more. 

Most importantly, it's light, compact, affordable, and eco-friendly. So it’ll get the job done without hazardous gasses and excessive noise.

Lightseal: Black Out Any Room

A simple solution to block out sunlight in the middle of the day.

Reasons to get it:

  • Compact and discrete
  • Easy to use
  • Works with any blackout curtain
  • No redecorating needed

You want to take a nap but the sunlight is disturbing you? Your curtains are not sealing out all the light and you hate wearing sleep masks? The Lightseal is here to complete your innovative home decor products and help you darken any room you want. 

Just fixate your Lightseal to the wall, clip on the edge of your curtain, and clamp down. It’ll block all the side-light leakage! No need to replace your curtains or make other interior modifications!

Vyana: Your Gateway to an Allergen & Pollutant-free home

The first smart closed-loop ventilation system in the world.

Reasons to get it:

  • Healthy environment
  • Aromatherapy
  • Smart ventilation
  • Cost-saving

Vyana will replace contaminated indoor air with fresh and filtered air from outside for you to enjoy consistent clean air at home and forget about your allergies. Autonomously maintaining healthy levels of oxygen throughout your home makes Vyana more effective than plants. 

Equipped with air quality sensors, Vyana constantly measures the levels of CO2 in the air and automatically increases ventilation to always keep it at safe levels. It also comes with aroma pads infused with essential oils, that can be used to fill your room with a relaxing and soothing aroma. Not to forget about the smartphone app, which allows you to set your desired temperature range, define your ideal humidity range, and much more.

RoboDeck: TheFirst Automated Deck Care Robot

The world’s first self-staining and cleaning deck robot.

Reasons to get it:

  • AI navigation and smart mapping
  • Child and pet friendly 
  • Hassle-free and eco-friendly
  • Easy-to-swap cartridge

This smart home innovation has arrived to help you save time, energy, and money. With RoboDeck deck maintenance won’t be a hassle anymore. You can go about your business while it navigates, sweeps, and sprays your deck.

The AI smart engine will make sure that your deck is stained to perfection and the smart sensors will detect its surroundings to avoid causing damage to furniture. There’s also a RoboDeck app that allows you to better control your device.

LidStop: Wheelie bin attachment

A solution to protect your wheelie bin.

Reasons to get it:

  • Suitable for various handle diameters
  • Reduces odor
  • Keeps animals and insects out
  • Prevents bin damage

This simple but smart solution will help you solve all the problems that your wheelie bin causes. LidStop is created in order to prevent the wheelie bin lid from flipping backward after the garbage truck has emptied the contents and set it back on the ground. 

With the help of the LidStop, the lid will close by itself from its own weight and gravity. LidStop shows that innovative home products can be very simple but also thoughtfully designed.


Why do you need innovative products for your home?

There is no doubt that innovative home products improve the quality of life and provide a great convenience for homeowners. They enable a household to save time and carry out tasks more effectively. Furthermore, some innovative home products contribute to improving security, which is certainly a primary concern for everyone. When considering efficient energy use, they might also lead to long-term cost savings. 

What innovative home products should you look out for?

When it comes to innovative home products, imagination is the only limit. Even wireless electricity, which once sounded impossible, is currently being realized into reality. 

Future inventions will be more ecologically friendly and sustainable. The devices providing virtual experiences will also be of great value. Some people might enjoy the opportunity to do everything virtually from their smart homes.

What is the future of smart homes?

Innovative home products are getting more popular day by day becoming a basic requirement for homeowners as a necessity to make their homes safer and more comfortable places to live. 

Our everyday domestic appliances, which we have been using for years, are becoming smarter and providing greater results. With every innovation, the producers are trying to increase control, customization, and efficiency. So the future of smart homes is even smarter homes.


Since our daily lives depend on our home products, we want these essentials to assist us in the best way possible. We hope that our list of innovative home products will help you make your home more enjoyable.

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