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Over the past few years, AI has become more and more popular, changing the way we perceive the digital world where we spend a considerable part of our day. Many new startups are now working hard to create AI solutions that can help businesses automate repetitive tasks, analyze data, detect fraud, and so much more.

Companies such as OpenAI, Riskified, and Ocrolus are examples of startups doing cool things in AI, like making advanced language models and smart robots. Investors are interested in these startups because they can change how businesses work. 

As many AI startups grow, they are not just adopting new technology but also changing how society works. AI might even become an inseparable part of our everyday lives.

Now, with this in mind, I’ve handpicked the thirty-eight best AI startups that are working on developing great AI-powered products and I’m excited to share them with you here. Without further ado, let’s dive right into exploring these startups one by one.

Best AI Startups



Location: London, England

Year Founded: 2017

Founders: Victor Riparbelli, Steffen Tjerrild, Lourdes Agapito 

Funding: $156.6 Million (Series C)

Overview: Synthesia is one of the biggest AI companies helping businesses create and personalize video content at scale. You can generate realistic videos with Synthesia’s customization options (language support, voiceover selection, scene creation) which you might find handy for a wide range of things such as news reporting. 


Location: Palo Alto, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2020

Founders: Bryan McCann, Richard Socher

Funding: $45 Million (Series A)

Overview: might become the greatest search engine on the internet in the near future. You can search for anything with advanced security as YOU will block all the cookies and ads. You’ll also get aesthetic pleasure just by using this search engine. It has unique layouts that allow you to scroll both horizontally and vertically so you can access more content in less time

It also has an integrated AI chatbot which can help you cut time on lengthy research and focus more on your everyday stuff. It’s easily one of the best AI startups worldwide.



Location: Santa Clara, USA (Silicon Valley)

Year Founded: 2005

Founders: James Hom, Keyvan Mohajer, Majid Emami

Funding: $451 Million (Post-IPO Debt)

Overview: With voice-enabled AI, SoundHound’s cutting-edge AI technologies allow developers and business owners to keep control over their brand image from any location. It’s among the best AI startups and sells a number of products, such as the AI platform Houndify, which has the fastest speech recognition in the world, and the voice search and assistant app Hound, which combines the company’s patented “Speech-to-Meaning” and “Deep Meaning Understanding” technologies.



Location: New York City, NY, USA

Year Founded: 2019

Founders: Magnus Sigurdsson, Max Wolff

Funding: Pre-Seed (earliest stage of startup funding)

Overview: Systematic is one of the best AI startups to date. Thanks to machine learning, Systematic provides startups and companies with tools to better analyze markets and securely share information with potential backers. 

If you’re an investor, you’ll definitely benefit from the AI analytics this startup provides to evaluate opportunities. 



Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2018

Founders: Rolan Reichel, Pablo Munoz De Cote

Funding: $50,000 (Seed)

Overview: Arrow is an AI-powered business-to-business software platform and is one of the best AI startups in 2024. What Arrow does is that it automates social media content creation and management for businesses. It has features like creating ready-to-use posts, custom content channels, and dedicated user success managers. 

With Arrow, you can seamlessly post engaging content, grow your social media page, and build credibility.



Location: New York City, NY, USA

Year Founded: 2012

Founders: Assaf Feldman, Eido Gal

Funding: $228.7 Million (Post-IPO Equity)

Overview: Riskified stands out among the best AI startups, revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape by enhancing user experience. Its primary focus lies in streamlining the checkout process and accurately identifying genuine shoppers. This is made possible through its cutting-edge AI-powered platform. 

What makes Riskified a standout player in the e-commerce tech arena is its utilization of machine learning models, drawing insights from a vast dataset of over 1 billion transactions. This wealth of data empowers Riskified to effectively thwart fraud attacks, making it an indispensable technology for e-commerce platforms.

Arize AI


Location: Berkeley, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2019

Founders: Aparna Dhinakaran, Jason Lopatecki

Funding: $61 Million

Overview: As one of the top AI companies, Arize AI empowers you to understand and troubleshoot AI production, leading to a more advanced and efficient AI system. With a focus on optimization, Arize AI plays a crucial role in ensuring your AI works at its best. Their innovative solutions provide you with valuable insights, making it easier for you to comprehend and improve the intricacies of AI. 

In a tech landscape where excellence is of crucial importance, Arize AI stands out, offering the tools and expertise needed to elevate your AI development and functionality to greater levels.

Frame AI

frame ai

Location:  New York City, NY, USA

Year Founded: 2016

Founders: George Davis

Funding: $17.9 Million (Series B)

Overview: Frame AI, recognized as one of the major AI companies, is dedicated to constructing a premier customer success platform designed to address customer challenges. 

Beyond this, the platform will allow you to transform qualitative data into quantitative data for research and analysis. This unique capability allows you to delve deeper into understanding customer experiences and preferences. 

In a landscape swarming with innovation, Frame AI distinguishes itself as one of the best AI startups, pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in optimizing customer success and data analytics.

Bearing AI

Location: Palo Alto, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2019

Founders: Dylan Keil

Funding: $10 Million (Seed)

Overview: As one of the best AI startups, Bearing AI specializes in tracking ocean-bound cargo shipments, making it easier to manage fleets. By offering more precise predictions on vessel performance, they bring efficiency to fleet management. With Bearing AI, staying on top of cargo shipments becomes a straightforward and effective process, ensuring smooth operations for businesses involved in maritime logistics. 



Location: New York City, NY, USA

Year Founded: 2018

Founders: Albert Saniger

Funding: $47.3 Million (Series A)

Overview: Nate AI is one of the top AI startups that provides you with a helpful app for your shopping needs. You make a list of things you want to buy, and with a simple click, nate uses its smart features to handle the checkout and shipping process. What’s more, nate lets you pay in four installments, making your purchases more convenient and accessible. 



Location: San Francisco, USA

Year Founded: 2017

Founders: S. Zayd Enam, Sebastian Thrun, Tim Shi

Funding: $151 Million (Series C)

Overview: If your company has big call centers for customer service, Cresta is here to give you extra support. With AI technology, it helps your real-time agents make every customer interaction better. 

Cresta works right in the chat conversations your agents have with customers, giving them advice on how to respond. It helps with things like showing empathy or understanding when a customer is upset. So, you get real-time guidance to make every conversation count.

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Location: New York City, USA

Year Founded: 2013

Founders: Florian Douetteau, Marc Batty, Thomas Cabrol

Funding: $846 million (Series F)

Overview: Dataiku, among the fastest-growing AI companies, assists your company or startup in organizing data for more effective problem-solving. Offering an integrated platform, you can effortlessly build, deploy, and manage both data and AI projects in one place, providing a comprehensive solution to boost efficiency and innovation.


open ai

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2015

Founders: Elon Musk, Greg Brockman, Sam Altman, Wojciech Zaremba, Ilya Sutskever

Funding: $11.3 Billion (Secondary Market)

Overview: OpenAI, standing as one of the top artificial intelligence startups worldwide, has a mission to benefit all of humanity through AI. Their flagship product, ChatGPT, a massive language model, excels in swiftly retrieving general information across a wide array of fields, showcasing the impactful capabilities of AI.



Location: London, England

Year Founded: 2017

Founders: Daniel Štofan and Lukaš Hruby.

Funding: $4 Million (Series N/A)

Overview: GoodVision is one of the new AI companies that focuses on traffic analytics. They use AI to break down data from traffic cameras and drones. If you’re into logistics, you’ll find GoodVision’s services handy, as you’ll be able to understand traffic patterns in real-time with comprehensive analytics.


assembly ai

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2017

Founders: Dylan Fox

Funding: $63.1 Million (Series B)

Overview: AssemblyAI is also on our list of the best AI startups. They simplify transcriptions using an AI API to convert audio and video files into text. 

The company collaborates closely with developers, allowing them to integrate the API into various applications, such as summarization, content moderation, and topic detection. Developers have access to detailed tutorials, comprehensive documentation, and thorough changelogs, providing an easy starting point for utilizing the product.



Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2018

Founders: Andy Atwal, Benjamin Beadle-Ryby, Malinka Walaliyadde, Varun Ganapathi

Funding: $85 Million (Series B)

Overview: Did you know medical bills are a major reason for bankruptcy in the US? That’s why AKASA is here to save the day. They’re using AI in healthcare to tackle all the admin mess that ends up costing patients astronomical bills. AKASA applies AI to those repetitive tasks and processes in healthcare, making things smoother and cutting costs. They’re one of the best AI startups in the healthcare industry.


Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2017

Founders: Akash Singh, Sharath Keshava Narayana, Swapnil Jain

Funding: $214 Million (Series C)

Overview: is among the best AI startups, leaving a significant impact by transforming how contact centers interact with their customers.’s smart workforce platform integrates AI into every customer conversation, enhancing how call agents perform. 

Besides improving agent performance, it automates repetitive tasks to increase revenue and customer retention for any business. The valuable feedback loop for agents enhances interactions across all customer touchpoints. 

Atomic AI

atomic ai

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2021

Founders: Raphael Townshend

Funding: $42 Million (Series A)

Overview: Atomic AI is one of the top AI startups with a primary focus on biotech. Being the leader of machine learning startups, Atomic AI’s goal is to expedite RNA (ribonucleic acid) drug development to find cures for diseases. They’re currently working on devising medicines and RNA tools.


shield ai
Building the world’s best AI pilot.

Location: San Diego, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2015

Founders: Andrew Reiter, Brandon Tseng, Ryan Tseng

Funding: $773.1 Million (Series F)

Overview: Shield AI is one of the top AI companies that aims to create cutting-edge aerospace and defense technology with a focus on AI pilots for the 21st century. Their goal is to provide the Department of Defense with the best AI and autonomy technology to enhance the protection of service members and civilians.



Location: Berkeley, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2017

Founders: Adam Carrigan, Jorge Torres

Funding: $54.4 Million (Seed)

Overview: MindsDB, acknowledged as one of the best AI startups, functions as an AI application builder connecting databases with advanced algorithms, simplifying the application development process. 

With an impressive portfolio boasting over 130 data integrations and more than 20 AI and ML integrations, MindsDB effectively simplifies the entire app-building journey, from prototyping to production.



Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2018

Founders: Brian Rieger, Daniel Rasmuson, Manu Sharma

Funding: $188.9 Million (Series D)

Overview: LabelBox employs generative AI to help companies and startups create data-driven apps. It’s among the best AI startups in the world and by using its services, companies and startups can visualize and create smart apps. Also, you can carry out quality control measures through machine assistance. With the unique machine learning system, LabelBox offers a number of other services which you can find out by clicking here.



Location: Redwood City, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2014

Founders: Abraham Bachrach, Adam Bry, Matt Donahoe

Funding: $570 Million (Series E)

Overview: This computer vision startup is among the best AI startups in the world. They use AI to develop drones capturing high-resolution, thermal visuals. Gas and electric companies widely use Skydio’s drones to get valuable insight on infrastructure, improving monitoring and ensuring safety.

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Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2014

Founders: Charles Roberts, Gabriel Otte, Michael Otte, Riley Ennis

Funding: $1.1 Billion (Corporate Round)

Overview: Freenome is one of the best AI startups in the healthcare industry which aims to develop diagnostic tests for cancer detection. Their innovative approach combining AI with genomics can improve precision medicine, contributing to more effective and timely interventions in the fight against cancer.



Location: Santa Barbra, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2007

Founders: Jie Song, Steve Francis

Funding: $143 Million (Debt Financing)

Overview: LogicMonitor — the leading SaaS-based performance monitoring platform is among the best AI companies today. LogicMonitor can help you monitor the data that matters to your business, allowing you to detect problems early and be proactive with solutions. 



Location: New York City, NY, USA

Year Founded: 2014

Founders: John Guerci, Peter Bobley, Sam Bobley, Victoria Meakin

Funding: $127 Million (Series C)

Overview: Ocrolus can help banks and lending institutions navigate through bureaucracy to determine if a candidate deserves a loan. It’s one of the top AI businesses that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate underwriting processes for loans by providing necessary data to give financial institutions all the information they need about candidates.

Crowd AI


Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2016

Founders: Devaki Raj, Nicolas Borensztein, Pablo Garcia

Funding: $8.4 Million (Series A)

Overview: As one of the best AI startups, CrowdAI offers organizations a platform to effortlessly create custom models for visual AI code-free, empowering non-technical founders and leaders to tap into the power of AI in an accessible and user-friendly way, making advanced artificial intelligence technology easily deployable for a broader range of professionals.

Toggle AI


Location: New York City, NY, USA

Year Founded: 2019

Founders: Armenak Mayalian, Jan Szilagyi

Funding: $12.8 Million (Series A)

Overview: Toggle is one of the biggest AI startups that uses data and machine learning to provide customers with information about upcoming startups that have a chance to succeed in these increasingly competitive times. Overall, you can get ample market insight by just using Toggle AI.


Location: Santa Clara, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2016

Founders: Ashutosh Garg

Funding: $396.8 Million (Series E)

Overview: Being a leading HR software provider, Eightfold is among the fastest-growing AI companies that can help you with training, retraining, and finding the best talent in the marketplace. Eightfold AI is used by major corporate clientele like Hulu, Capital One, and so forth. 



Location: Boston, MA, USA

Year Founded: 2013

Founders: Amit Phansalkar

Funding: $3.9 Million (Seed)

Overview: Netra is an AI video analysis platform that provides recommendations and collects video data. Being one of the best AI startups focusing on video analysis, users can use safety analysis, metadata analysis, and object detection to break down video content. 

If you send the video’s URL to Netra’s API, you’ll get access to a full suite of tools. These tools will help you determine advertising and detect harmful content.



Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2015

Founders: Scott Stephenson

Funding: $85.9 Million (Series B)

Overview: Deepgram stands out as one of the best AI startups, offering an advanced speech recognition platform for businesses. Utilizing cutting-edge neural network models, Deepgram excels in transcribing and analyzing large volumes of audio and video content with remarkable accuracy and speed, even in challenging environments. 

Beyond transcription, Deepgram empowers businesses to extract valuable insights and automate workflows, making it a versatile and impactful solution in call center analytics, compliance monitoring, media transcription, and content creation.

Arthur AI

arthur ai

Location: New York City, NY, USA

Year Founded: 2017

Founders: Adam Wenchel

Funding: $60.3 Million (Series B)

Overview: Arthur AI is respected among the best AI startups for providing tools to watch over and find bias in AI models. With this platform, you can easily track how well your AI models are doing, find issues like bias or changes in the model, and take care of your AI applications. 

Arthur’s suite of products, like Arthur Shield, acts like a special guard for big language models. It checks what users ask and what the model says in real time to stop anything harmful or inappropriate from getting through.


support logic

Location: Santa Clara, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2016

Founders: Krishna Raj Raja

Funding: $62 Million (Series B)

Overview: SupportLogic serves as your go-to AI platform for customer service. With 30 distinct signal categories and plenty of keywords, the company has delved to analyze over 60 million customer interactions. The result? Actionable feedback

As one of the best AI startups, SupportLogic has also played a role in helping clients cut operational expenses by 35% and speed up case review time by a solid 60%.

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2016

Founders: Chris Mansi, David Golan, Manoj Ramachandran

Funding: $251 Million (Series D)

Overview: When you have everything in one platform, navigating through things is so easy. is among our handpicked best AI startups which utilizes an AI-powered approach allowing multi-disciplinary teams to coordinate and connect doctors with specialists to provide patients with high-quality service. 

Virtual Sapiens

virtual sapiens

Location: Boston, MA, USA

Year Founded: 2020

Founders: Neal Kaiser, Rachel Cossar

Funding: $247, 500 (Pre-Seed)

Overview: Virtual Sapiens is among the leading machine learning startups that made a platform for professionals with a single purpose — to improve virtual communication skills —  something crucial in today’s world. The Virtual Sapiens AI joins your calls to monitor your facial expressions and determine performance. 



Location: Paris, France

Year Founded: 2016

Founders: Arnaud Guerin, Renaud Allioux

Funding: $28.3 Million (Series A)

Overview: Preligens is one of the fastest-growing AI companies which aims to tackle major issues such as international security challenges with the help of artificial intelligence. Preligen’s AI-based solution merges data to provide context and analysis so intelligence professionals can focus on things that are extremely important rather than fluff.



Location: London, England

Year Founded: 2015

Founders: Neil Yager, Parry Malm, Victoria Peppiatt

Funding: $5.3 Million (Private Equity)

Overview: Phrasee is one of the best AI startups designed for digital marketing through channels like email and social media. Their system produces AI-generated content that suits your brand and can be used across various mediums. It’s crafted for large businesses, aiming to enhance conversions and increase your return on investment (ROI). It’s a tool for companies to improve their marketing results.



Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Year Founded: 2015

Founders: Eric Lefkofsky

Funding: $1.3 Billion (Debt Financing)

Overview: The healthcare industry is about to be elevated to the next level with the help of Tempus — one of the best AI businesses. With the power of AI, Tempus conducts higher-quality testing and clinical trials. Tempus aims to provide the most precise treatment decisions, and patient therapy plans by using clinical data. 

Rad AI

rad ai

Location: Santa Monica, CA, USA

Year Founded: 2018

Founders: Jeremy Barnett

Funding: $8.8 Million (Series A)

Overview:  Rad AI is a top AI startup that provides advanced marketing and branding services by using artificial intelligence. Their empathy-first approach enables the deployment of effective, human-centered marketing campaigns. They use AI for tasks such as validating concepts, creating campaigns, managing activations, and establishing valuable feedback loops.


The digital world has undergone a major transformation since the introduction of artificial intelligence. Our selection of the 38 best AI startups represents the leaders in the scene, and each of them offers unparalleled services unlike any other, from providing AI-powered language models to platforms for processing payment information. 

Many of these startups have completed incubator programs that helped them get off the ground successfully and some may have validated their concepts through platforms like prior to launch.

If you’re into AI and want to launch a startup, then it’s a must to learn about these top AI companies to understand where you’re at in the startup scene. Without a doubt, your startup has a chance to transform the scene and introduce valuable products to the market that will benefit humanity in the long run.

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