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The only AI-powered market research solution you'll ever need to understand what the customers of other companies are saying.
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AI Market Research Assistant lets you hear and see it all in one place

Our AI consumer insights tool efficiently reviews and analyzes competitors' Amazon reviews, gets the task done in under a minute, and provides a unified report so you can concentrate on insights that drive informed decisions.
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Whether it's superior functionality, innovative design, exceptional customer service, or competitive pricing, this AI research assistant will provide insights into what customers love about your competitor's product the most.
Key strengths of the competitors' e-mobility:
  • Sturdiness and well-built design
  • Versatility and compatibility with various vehicle types
  • Ease of use and assembly
  • High quality and durability
Our AI-driven market research tool unveils where companies fall short- product durability or limited functionality. Use these insights to offer a solution that genuinely caters to customer needs.
Common weaknesses and areas for improvement in the competitors' products:
  • Short shank may require extra purchases or cause bike rubbing

  • Unclear assembly instructions

  • Proprietary bolt limits regular locking hitch pins

  • Possible quality control issues with damaged or returned units
Our tool uses advanced algorithms to identify the features customers love or hate in your competitor's product. Use this data to reinforce preferred features in your product and eliminate less popular ones.
Features that users value most in an emobility:
  • Sturdiness and secure hold for bikes during transport
  • Compatibility across vehicle types and bike sizes.
  • User-friendly assembly, mounting, and bike handling.
Our tool sifts through large volumes of data to identify essential informationabout your customer. Understand the typical user profile to tailor your product better to meet their needs and expectations.
Average user profile for emobility:
  • Outdoor enthusiasts who frequently travel with bikes
  • Owners of RVs, campers, SUVs, or trucks
  • Value sturdy, reliable, and easy-to-use products
Our AI Market Research Assistant also delves into users' perceptions of the price-value ratio of competitors' products. Use this feedback to competitively price your products while ensuring perceived value and customer satisfaction.
Price/benefit relationship of the competitors' products:
  • Some users value its sturdiness
  • Others appreciate its versatility for the price
  • Some users dissatisfied with extra purchases or quality control issues.
By closely examining other companies and their offerings, our AI consumer insights tool identifies market gaps your product can fill. Whether it's an unmet demand for a specific feature or a need for superior customer service, our tool will highlight these opportunities.
Opportunities for differentiation and improvement
  • Extended shank to prevent bike-vehicle rubbing.
  • Clearer and more detailed assembly instructions
  • Inclusion of a regular locking hitch pin for added security

The Power of AI in Market Research

The benefits of using our AI Market Research Assistant extend well beyond the simplification of data analysis. Here are some key advantages:
Increased Speed and Efficiency
Processes market data quickly, freeing your team for strategic decisions and implementation.
Automating data collection and analysis reduces the need for a large analyst team, saving on labor costs.
Real-time Decision Making
Processes market data quickly, freeing your team for strategic decisions and implementation.
Precision Marketing
understand customer behaviors and preferences for more effective marketing and higher ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sources of customer feedback does the AI-powered market research tool utilize for analysis?

Our AI Market Research Assistant analyzes a wide array of data from your competitor’s Amazon profiles to provide comprehensive customer feedback insights.

Does the tool offer comparative analysis between multiple competitors?

Yes, our AI tool is capable of conducting a comparative analysis between multiple competitors, offering individual insights for each competitor.

How accurate is the analysis provided by the AI Market Research assistant?

Our AI-powered market research assistant leverages advanced algorithms and machine learning to ensure high accuracy in its analysis, providing reliable insights for strategic decision-making.

Can the AI tool differentiate between positive and negative customer feedback effectively?  

Yes, our AI tool has been trained to understand sentiments and can effectively differentiate between positive and negative customer feedback, helping you understand customer perceptions and improve your offerings accordingly.

How does the AI Market Research Assistant handle sarcasm or nuanced sentiments in customer feedback?  

The AI Market Research Assistant is equipped with sophisticated natural language processing capabilities, enabling it to recognize and interpret sarcasm or nuanced sentiments in customer feedback accurately.

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