Resurrects the Most Epic Product Launch Failures of The Past 50 Years at CES 2024

For the second time, CES will become the technological temple, remembering the most epic product launch failures. After the success of the initial installment at CES 2023, is now going deeper into the unexpected reasons that lead to tragic product launch failures. 

Two of the newest exhibits, the TCL Palm Phone and Apple Newton PDA are joining the lineup as physical proof that size indeed matters. And that choosing either of the extremes can lead to terrible consequences for your product. While the idea of owning a mobile phone designed to fit in the palm of your hand may sound alluring on the surface, most consumers ended up refusing to sacrifice performance to enjoy the compactness. Conversely, describing a 7-inch digital assistant as “portable” is a lengthy stretch that even Apple couldn’t afford.

Failure among the remaining exhibits can be attributed to a wide range of reasons, such as pricing, uselessness, limited functionality, bulkiness, competition, and even gender stereotyping.

However, our team believes that the deadliest of all failures that modern creators can make is negligence in adequately assessing risks before entering major markets. That’s especially unacceptable when platforms like have already helped 1,000+ creators to successfully validate their ideas. The alternative for some users would have meant wasting $100,000s if they had launched their supposedly groundbreaking ideas without adequate consideration, just to be confronted with the harsh realities of the market. allows creators not only to predict whether customers would buy their product with over 80% accuracy but also to maintain its continuous improvement through co-creation with real customers. By evaluating market demand, defining pricing strategies through conversion metrics, and comparing data with industry averages, helps creators avoid wasting time and resources on potential failures. The platform's core benefits include:

  • Concept Validation
  • Market interest validation
  • Price testing
  • Customer Insights
  • AI Market research assistant
  • In-depth analytics

We invite you to join us at LVCC North Hall Booth 9577 and experience firsthand the transformative power that brings to creators. We promise you an entertaining tour through history when things have taken a wrong turn for serial creators, but we guarantee that you’ll be leaving with knowledge on how to steer clear of similar pitfalls and launch your next idea with confidence.  

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