5 Best Electric Shavers For Sensitive Skin

Last updated on September 20th, 2023

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Hey, sensitive skin peeps! Do you feel like shaving is a hassle because of your delicate skin? Trust us, we understand. While some are lucky enough to have flawless skin without a single blemish, others are cursed with challenges as soon as the first facial hair takes over its rightful spot on the face. But who said that you do not deserve a smooth and comfortable shave just like anyone else? Not us! On the contrary, it means that you deserve to have the best electric shaver for sensitive skin out there, and we are here to help.

By getting to know all the features that make a shaver superior to others, you’ll be able to give your sensitive skin the treatment and fresh facial hair cut it deserves. If you’ve been surfing the web for ages trying to find the best electric razors for sensitive skin, it’s time you rest. We’ve compiled a list of all the top ones available on Amazon, which happen to be approved by your fellow shavers with sensitive skin.

Features to Look For While Buying Your Next Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

Before investing in a brand-new electric razor for sensitive skin, it’s important to know what features to look for in a good one. While some of the features have to do purely with personal preference, others are a must for your well-being. That’s why it’s always best to know the what’s what of electric razors before investing in your next shaving companion. 

Hold up, sensitive-skin warriors! Before you dive into the exciting world of electric razors, you may want to know what to keep an eye out for. Finding the perfect electric razor for sensitive skin can be overwhelming, but don't worry—we've got you covered. Whether you may simply prefer certain features or need them for your skin's well-being, we'll guide you through it all. So, let's prepare to find your new best friend in the shaving department. It's time to buzz around and get savvy with electric razors!

Rotary vs. Foil

This feature is purely based on your personal preference. Yes — rotary versus foil has been an ongoing debate between electric shaver users. But the truth is that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. On the bright side, there are a few benchmarks that could ease up your decision, especially if you're inexperienced with electric razors.

Rotary razors are more suitable for people with thick hair that grows in different directions. They’re also better for those of us with tougher skin, sharper edges, and who prefer shaving every few days. Foil razors, on the other hand, are more suitable for people with fine to medium-density facial hair, who prefer a clean shave, and don’t mind shaving every day.

The verdict is that your choice of rotary or foil hugely depends on your facial hair type and density, and how often you usually shave. But most people with sensitive skin end up choosing the foil variant for a more irritation-free experience and smoother shave.

Motor Speed and Power

The higher the speed and power of a sensitive skin shaver, the less it will irritate the skin. This is because shavers with higher power and speed capture more hair in one stroke. In other words, you wouldn’t need to go over the same spot over and over and irritate your skin in the process. Simply put, when it comes to shavers, more power and speed means less irritation, redness, and rashes.  

Blades and Pivot Head

Each one of the best men's razors for sensitive skin has one aspect in common — the inclusion of multiple blades accompanied by a pivot head.  These features allow the razor to follow the contour of your face, giving you a closer cut. The multiple blades come in close proximity to your skin, giving you a smoother shave, and reducing the number of times you need to go over a specific area, which naturally reduces irritation. On the other hand, the pivot head adapts to the shape of your face, minimizing the chances of unwanted cuts on your already sensitive skin. If your new shaver happens to have these two features, it’s safe to say you have the right product.

Blade Settings that are Adjustable

With adjustable blade settings, you get to choose the closeness of the blades to your skin. This way, you’ll have blades that shave close but aren’t uncomfortable. Extra points go for shavers, which allow you to control the speed at which the blades move. With such blade settings, you can keep your skin irritations at bay. 

Built-In Moisturizer

In this time and age, we all know the importance of keeping our faces hydrated at all times. What does this have to do with shavers for sensitive skin, you might ask? Luckily, many modern shavers come with built-in moisturizers. This basically means double the self-care in one package for your precious skin. While the blades trim and cut your hair, the moisturizer hydrates your skin, giving you smoother skin with a healthy glow. 

Hypoallergenic Foil

The best electric razors for men with sensitive skin come with a hypoallergenic foil, so you won’t have to worry about allergic reactions. Say goodbye to discomfort, irritation, and rashes with these types of shavers. You are now looking at a shaving experience with a razor that glides smoothly over your skin, giving you the look you desire without all the complications. 

Top 5 Electric Shavers for Men With Sensitive Skin

We've done all the research, and now it's time to present our top picks for the best electric shavers for sensitive skin. Get ready to find your new go-to shaving buddy!

Philips Norelco Shaver 7700

The Philips Norelco Shaver 7700 is one of the most in-demand sensitive skin shavers out there. With its ComfortGlide rings, the shaver provides a special coating that protects your face from irritation. With up to 90,000 cutting actions per minute, the SkinProtect blades provide a closer shave, limiting the number of passes you need to make. The shaver’s Li-ion battery offers almost 60 minutes of cordless shaving on an hour-long charge.


  • 90,000 cutting actions per minute
  • One hour of cordless shaving

Reasons to BUY

  • Limited razor burns
  • Includes cleaning accessory to disinfect your blades immediately

Reasons to AVOID

  • Doesn’t shave as close as other close shavers
  • Must be used on a daily basis, or at least every other day for best results

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 8

Powerful yet gentle is how Braun markets their Electric Razor for Men, Series 8. And that alone is great news for customers with sensitive skin. As one of the best electric shavers for sensitive skin, the Braun Electric Razor comes with a 40-degree adapting head as well as floating blades, which easily adapt to facial contours. Its unique Sonic Technology with 10,000 micro-vibrations allows it to capture more hair as it gently glides over the skin. Most importantly, this is a 100 percent waterproof shaver that you can easily use in the shower. In short, the Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 8 is one of the most supreme choices on any sensitive skin shaver list.


  • Li-ion battery
  • One hour of cordless shaving
  • 40-degree adapting head and fleeting blades

Reasons to BUY

  • Simple to use
  • Causes no irritations
  • Provides a Reasons to AVOIDistent shave

Reasons to AVOID

  • The charger is not the easiest to use

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 9

The Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 9 is the company’s most advanced and efficient shaver yet. Thanks to its innovative ProLift trimmer combined with Braun’s unique Sonic Technology, no area is difficult to tackle and no skin sensitivity is a problem. In addition to all the perks that come with Braun’s electric razors in the series, the Series 9 offers 50 percent more battery time, thanks to its innovative power case — which is a first in the world. The 5-in-1 smart care center charges and intelligently selects a cleaning program for your razor. While this electric razor leans towards the higher end of the price spectrum, it’s one of the best electric razors for sensitive skin and is worth every dime.


  • 5-in-1 smart care center
  • 50 percent more battery time than previous models

Reasons to BUY

  • Works amazing with hair grown up to seven days
  • Leaves the face clean and smooth
  • Excellent cleaning station

Reasons to AVOID

  • The shaving cartridges are expensive

Panasonic ARC5

A high-performance motor is a requirement for a shaver to qualify as one of the best electric razors for men with sensitive skin, and when it comes to power the Panasonic ARC5 doesn’t disappoint. With its ultra-fast motor and 5-blade system, the razor delivers up to 70,000 cross-cuts per minute, leaving you with a smooth face and an efficient shave. The product also pivots easily in 16 directions, following the face’s natural contour while remaining close to even the trickiest areas of the face and neck. Panasonic ARC5 senses beard densities 220 times per second and adjusts power 220 times per second, ensuring the best close shave. 


  • 5-blade system
  • Flexible 16-D shaving head
  • Stainless steel inner blades

Reasons to BUY

  • Durable battery
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for extremely close shaves

Reasons to AVOID

  • Can be loud
  • Doesn’t work as efficiently with thicker hair

MANSPOT Groin Hair Trimmer for Men

As the name suggests, MANSPOT Groin Hair Trimmer for Men is a body shaver, but what it doesn’t mention is how effective it is for men with sensitive skin. The shaver's soft ceramic blades work great on body hair, which naturally tends to be thicker than facial hair. Thanks to its anti-cut blades and high-power motor, trimming the hair in your groin area will be smooth, easy, and effective. The hair trimmer comes with a powerful 6,000 rpm razor and is totally waterproof. Despite being the only body razor on the list, it’s fair to say that MANSPOT Groin Hair Trimmer for Men is no less one of the best electric shavers for sensitive skin.


  • 6000 rpm razor
  • Ceramic blades
  • 100 percent waterproof

Reasons to BUY

  • Wider blades than usual
  • Great battery life
  • Not loud

Reasons to AVOID

  • Shaves only in one direction

Reddit’s Verdict

Time to get some insider tips! We asked the Reddit community, and they have spoken! Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 9, takes the cake as the best electric razor for sensitive skin, with Philips Norelco following closely behind. But what exactly makes these razors stand out from the crowd? They received praise for being Reasons to AVOIDistent, comfortable, and efficient — perfect for sensitive skin. In fact, it's been a fan-favorite for years, with one Reddit user even using theirs for 15 years straight! Price tag a bit on the hefty side? No biggie. These razors have Reddit's stamp of approval, making them worth every last dime in your wallet.


How Many Blades on a Razer Are Best for Sensitive Skin?

Most electric razors come with multiple blades. Those with two to four blades are most suitable for people with sensitive skin. The reason behind this is that you need multiple blades for a closer shave which allows you to have fewer passes; yet too many blades can open doors for irritation. With that said, it’s safe to say two to four blades are the right amount of blades you want on your electric razor.

What Do Dermatologists Recommend for Shaving?

Dermatologists recommend using shavers with two to three blades for sensitive skin. Those with acne are advised to give electric razors for sensitive skin a go, as chances are they will reduce irritation. Since all skin types are different, your best bet is to try a reputable shaver and hope for the best.

Are Electric Shavers Better Than Razors for Sensitive Skin?

With newer and better electric shavers hitting the market every year, it’s no doubt that people with sensitive skin are in luck. Not only are electric shavers better than razors for sensitive skin in terms of less irritation, but they are also safer to use — as chances of cutting oneself are minimal. The best electric shavers for sensitive skin glide smoothly over the skin, making razor burns a thing of the past.

Do Electric Shavers Cause Ingrown Hair?

Unlike traditional wet shaving, using electric shavers is safer in terms of ingrown hair. Reasons to AVOIDidering that electric blades do not cut straight into the skin, the chances of getting ingrown hair are far less than with razor shaving. In addition, the multiple blades on electric shavers minimize the possibility of getting ingrown hair in contrast to single-blade razors, and this alone settles the question most people with sensitive skin have regarding which format of shavers to use for extra protection.


Like most electronic devices, shopping for electric shavers involves a fair share of research and Reasons to AVOIDideration — especially for those with sensitive skin who want the best for their bodies. This includes reading reviews from fellow shavers with similar skin sensitivities as you. With a known set of preferable features and a great many awesome options available on the market, choosing the best electric shaver for sensitive skin is a pretty easy task.

Once you’ve found the one best suited for you, your shaving experience will elevate to a whole new level. After all, who said that shaving and looking sharp has to be a horror story because of skin sensitivities?

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