How to Choose the Best Flea Collar for Your Dog: A Handy Guide

Last updated on October 5th, 2023

Dikran Seferian
flea collar for dogs

Are your canine companions scratching themselves every now and then? Don’t worry, it's normal 

But what may seem like a regular itch can sometimes be something else. Lingering somewhere in the fur, fleas are known to wreak havoc on a dog’s well-being. If left untreated, you could possibly end up with fleas all over your rugs, bedding, furniture, and even on yourself. 

As unnerving as all this may sound, keeping those pesky parasites at bay is quite simple. 

Finding the best flea collar for dogs can often do wonders in keeping your furry friend healthy as ever. There’s no need to stare cluelessly at the supermarket’s pet supplies section. 

We’ve covered all you need to know before buying a flea collar for your dog. We’ve even compiled a list of highly-rated options you can find on Amazon.  

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

Before shopping for a new flea collar, it’s a good idea to determine what best suits your dog. Here are a few factors to keep in mind before making your decision:

Active Ingredient

Flea collars often make use of various combinations of chemicals or natural oils. Chemicals that are considered to be safe for dogs include amitraz, propoxur, pyriproxyfen, and deltamethrin. 

One ingredient that you may possibly want to steer clear of is tetrachlorvinphos. Although it’s common in some collars, this chemical is believed to be a human carcinogen and a neurotoxin for both pets and people. Needless to say, going for the safest flea and tick collar for dogs is the top priority. 

It’s also worth mentioning that some dogs may occasionally have skin reactions as a result of the chemicals. Having said that, you can often treat minor side-effects at home using ointments prescribed by your vet, or by simply rinsing with soap and water—and of course, getting rid of the collar. If you prefer to avoid chemical-based products altogether, all-natural flea collars for dogs are also available. 

Collar Longevity

While some flea collars can last around  four months, others may last up to a year. It goes without saying that the best flea collar for dogs would be leaning towards the latter. Note that the collar’s longevity can be reduced if your pup loves swimming, or if you leave the collar on during bathtime. 

Although not having to worry about monthly flea prevention can be great, it’s also worth remembering when to change your dog’s flea collar. An ideal way to know when it’s time for a new collar is by setting up a recurring delivery with Amazon.

Odor vs. Odorless

Many of the parasite collars that contain chemical ingredients are usually odorless.  Always read the product description just to make sure. 

Natural flea collars, on the other hand, make use of essential oils and are scented. If you’re shopping for an all-natural flea collar for dogs, consider checking the list of ingredients to see whether you like the scent or not. Some common essential oils you may find include clove, spearmint, cedarwood, and citronella.  

Your Dog’s Lifestyle

Another factor worth noting is your dog’s lifestyle. Keep in mind that our precious pets often enjoy playing rough. Many of them may also love to swim or to prance around in the rain. So, it’s important that the collar you buy is waterproof and  suits your dog’s style of play. A flea collar that has been exposed to water may lose much of its potency. Should you notice that the collar has become wet, you’ll probably need to buy a new one. 

Collar Tightness

Make sure your dog’s flea collar fits snugly enough to make contact with the skin, but not too tight as to feel uncomfortable. A collar that’s too loose, can be completely ineffective. 

A good rule of thumb is to put two fingers underneath the collar and cut off the extra length until your fingers fit just right. Make sure to check the fit every now and then, especially in the case of growing puppies. After all, when you find the best flea collar for puppies and dogs, you’ll want to get the most out of it. 

Flea Life Stage Targeted 

Certain collars for dogs are only potent against adult fleas. These are generally fine if you’re looking for something to prevent any future infestations. But, if your dog is currently having a flea issue, it’s best to opt for a product that targets fleas of every life stage — including eggs and larvae. Otherwise, you might find breaking the life cycle of the bugs quite tricky.

 Also, some collars only get rid of fleas, and not ticks. Remember, the best flea and tick collar for dogs is one that ticks all the boxes (pun intended). 

Online Reviews

Dog flea collar reviews are an excellent way to find out what other customers have experienced with the products. Consider reading through user reviews on websites such as Amazon where customers post what they think about a certain product. Keep an eye out for the ratings as well. If you come across one too many reviews with bad ratings (1 or 2 stars), it’s probably best to steer clear of the product. 

7 Best Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs 

After taking all the factors into account, you may find yourself asking “So, what is the best flea collar for dogs?” Here are some of our top picks to help you make your decision:

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar

The Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs is among the most popular of the bunch that you can find on the market. Although the one we’ve linked is for large dogs, Seresto collars for small dogs are available as well. This collar also provides protection against mange mites and is widely recommended by vets. It's proven to keep fleas and ticks at bay for up to  eight months. After placing the collar on your dog, the chemicals start to eliminate and repel any bugs within 24 hours. It’s safe to say that this product is one of the best flea collars for puppies and dogs.


  • Odorless and non-greasy
  • Reflectors for added visibility at night
  • Targets all life stages of fleas
  • Adjustable with quick-release feature

Reasons to BUY

  • Available for both large and small dogs, as well as for cats
  • Eliminates fleas and ticks on contact—not just when they bite your pet
  • Safe to use for puppies as young as seven weeks old

Reasons to AVOID

  • Regular exposure to water can reduce the collar’s longevity

Hartz Ultraguard Pro Flea & Tick Collar

Providing full-body protection for up to seven months, the Hartz Ultraguard Pro is our second pick of the best flea collars for dogs. It uses a mixture of chemicals to repel and get rid of fleas including their eggs and larvae. The Hartz Ultraguard Pro also repels ticks, making it an excellent prophylactic against lyme disease. It is also one of the most affordable options, so if you’re looking for a cheap flea collar for dogs that is also effective, this is your go-to choice. 


  • Orange-scented
  • Reflective up to 300 feet
  • One size fits all (up to 26 inches)

Reasons to BUY

  • Safe for puppies as young as 12 weeks.
  • Water-resistant

Reasons to AVOID

  • Takes more time to be effective against ticks

TevraPet Activate II

If you live in an area where mosquitoes are an issue, this product should be your go-to choice. The TevraPet Activate II offers immediate protection against mosquitos in addition to getting rid of ticks and fleas within 24 hours. The package includes two collars, each of which is effective for up to six months. When it comes to size, it’s among the best collars for small dogs as well as larger ones. It is also one of the more budget-friendly options that you can find on the market. 


  • Fits necks up to 23 inches
  • Odorless
  • Targets fleas of all life stages. 

Reasons to BUY

  • Waterproof and ideal for pups who like to play rough
  • Comes with a satisfaction guarantee offering a refund within 12 months
  • Kills fleas and ticks on contact.

Reasons to AVOID

  • Not as long-lasting as advertised (according to some reviews)

Sobaken Flea & Tick Collar

The Sobaken Flea & Tick Collar uses natural ingredients to provide protection for up to eight months. Besides guarding your dog from fleas and ticks, this all-natural product is also effective against lice, larvae, and sarcoptic mange. The collar works by releasing small doses of repellent oils (clove, spearmint, and citronella) on your dog’s fur and skin. Let’s not forget to mention that it's also hypoallergenic.


  • One size fits all (up to 25 inches)
  • Natural scent
  • Targets fleas of all life stages
  • Safe for dogs as young as three months

Reasons to BUY

  • Remains 100% effective after exposure to water
  • $3 from every collar sold is donated to organizations that save animals

Reasons to AVOID

  • Not the most affordable option

Adams Flea & Tick Collar Plus 

In addition to protecting your pup’s entire body from fleas and ticks, this collar also repels mosquitoes. The package comes with two collars, each with six months of prevention. By continuously releasing active chemicals, this product eliminates adult parasites before they lay eggs.


  • Unscented
  • Targets fleas of all life stages
  • Adjustable and fits all sizes

Reasons to BUY

  • Maintains potency after exposure to rain and water
  • Very easy to put on, making it ideal for restless pups
  • Safe to use for pups as young as 12 weeks

Reasons to AVOID

  • Thickness might be uncomfortable for some dogs
  • Some reviews mention allergic reactions

Vet’s Best Flea + Tick Repellant Collar

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option that also doesn’t break your buck, the Vet’s Best flea collar can be a great choice. It is one of the best all-natural flea and tick collars for dogs, using peppermint and cedarwood oil to fend off those pesky parasites. The collar offers full-body protection and is effective for up to four months. Being %100 certified natural, it is also free from PVC and toxic phthalates, making it a perfectly safe option for your canine companion.


  • Plant-based formula with a fresh scent
  • Adjustable up to 20 inches
  • For dogs and pups as young as four months
  • Repels fleas of all life stages

Reasons to BUY

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Water-resistant
  • Also works for cats

Reasons to AVOID

  • Not as effective against high amounts of fleas and ticks.

Artullano Flea and Tick Chews

You could be searching for the safest flea collar for dogs or the best one on the market. But if your pup makes a whole fuss about wearing a collar, it can be worth looking elsewhere for solutions. 

Keep in mind that our furry friends have preferences, too. That’s where chewables come in. Artullano’s Flea and Tick Chews give your dog immunity against ticks and fleas — while being a yummy treat even for picky eaters. Using high-quality ingredients, this product promotes a healthy inflammatory response and a long-lasting resistance to seasonal pests such as mosquitoes.


  • Completely natural and cruelty-free
  • Includes vitamins B1, B6, and B12
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Suitable for all dog breeds and ages

Reasons to BUY

  • Helps in maintaining healthy skin.
  • Excellent value for money

Reasons to AVOID

  • Might take a week after the first feeding for the effects to kick in

Reddit’s Verdict

When you’re in need of honest opinions regarding just about any product, there’s one place that never fails to deliver: the almighty Reddit. 

We browsed the platform in search of suggestions regarding the best flea collar for dogs, and the overwhelming majority seems to recommend Seresto — with one user even claiming that it is the only brand worth trying. 

Another account states they have been using Seresto collars for many years without experiencing any issues at all. Only two comments (out of more than 20) suggested other options. Considering the vox populi of Reddit, it’s safe to say that the Seresto Flea and Tick Collar reigns supreme. 


Can Dogs Sleep With Flea Collars on?

The short answer is yes. It’s generally safe for dogs to sleep with their flea collars on, but only as long as they have their own bed to nap in. Keep in mind that flea and tick collars usually contain chemicals that may in some cases cause allergies in humans. This often happens when you’re in direct or continuous contact with the collar. However, If your pup is accustomed to sleeping in your bed and won’t have it any other way, make sure there’s enough space between the two of you. 

Do Flea Collars Have Side Effects?

Even with the best flea and tick collars for dogs, side effects are common. Most symptoms are minor and often include redness, itching, and possible hair loss for dogs with sensitive skin. However, people have reported heavier side effects. Fortunately, the symptoms are often visible within two days after putting the collar on. Should you notice any, it’s best to remove the collar and dispose of it immediately.

How Long Should a Dog Wear a Flea Collar?

The amount of time a dog should wear its flea collar largely depends on the specific product. In other words, it has to do with the longevity of the collar. While some brands offer protection against fleas and ticks for up to eight months, others lose their effectiveness after about four to five months. The packaging of the collar will normally mention how long the product lasts. 

Should You Remove Flea Collar When Bathing Your Dog?

Although most flea and tick collars are water-resistant, you’ll rarely find one that’s fully waterproof. So, it can be a good idea to take them off before giving your dog a bath. Constant exposure to water may decrease the longevity of the collar. Moreover, some flea collars are toxic to aquatic wildlife so be sure to remove them when you take your dog swimming. 


Whether you’re shopping for the best non-toxic flea collar for dogs, or perhaps a waterproof one, doing a bit of research beforehand can go a long way. This means getting to know the factors that ultimately allow you to go for the right product. 

While some collars like Seresto are the most popular among dog owners, others such as Vet’s Best are ideal for those who prefer an all-natural option. Then again, finding the best flea collar for dogs comes down to what works best for yours. 

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