The Best Dog Bike Trailers You Can Find in 2023

Last updated on September 25th, 2023

Dikran Seferian
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Imagine how fun it would be to go on biking adventures with your canine companion—whether it’s a short trip around town or an exciting adventure in the great outdoors. You might say this isn’t always practical. Some dogs are simply too mischievous to stay on track while others may not have the physical capability to keep up. But what if we told you that shouldn’t always be an issue? Because with a dog bike trailer, it really isn’t! With these wagons, your furbaby can accompany you on your bike ride and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that it’s safe and comfy. 

Buying a dog cart involves a fair share of research. This includes factors to consider, top options on the market, and online reviews. But we did all that for you. So, if you’re on the lookout for a pet bike cart, this is your guide.  

Factors to Check for Before Buying a Bike Trailer for Dogs

Can’t wait to buy a bike trailer for dogs and hit the road with your pooch? Trust us, we’d be just as hyped. But before you go ahead and invest in a cart, you may want to know what you’re shopping for. Keep in mind that your dog’s comfort and safety are involved—and yours too, among other factors. Here’s a helpful checklist for choosing the right bike cart for you and Fido:

Cart Quality and Comfort

Considering how much time your furry friend will be spending on the road with you, trailer quality and comfort are a top priority. Does your doggo sit calmly in the cart or does it get jumpy? A cheap dog bike trailer with flimsy flooring might do just fine for a small dog that doesn’t get restless during a short ride around town. Otherwise, a solid and supportive floor would be best. And let’s not forget about airflow, a crucial factor if you live in a region with soaring temperatures. Dogs can overheat pretty quickly and will need good air circulation throughout the trip. 

Trailer Weight and Material

Something else to keep in mind before buying a dog trailer for bikes is how much weight you’ll be pulling behind you. After, you’ll want to make sure both you and your travel companion are safe. What is the bicycle dog cart made of? Steel frame trailers, for example, are heavier but you can rely on them for long-distance rides. They’re also ideal for larger dogs like German shepherds. If you’re not sure you can manage the extra weight, aluminum frame trailers can be a go-to choice for casual trips. Plastic frame carts, on the hand, are too flimsy to be safe. 

Ease of Steering and Maneuvering

Any type of dog bicycle trailer you choose should offer a smooth ride both for you and your four-legged buddy. For casual rides around paved streets and local parks, a simple model is all you may need. If you’re going farther afield such as a biking trail in nature, your best bet is to pick a dog bike trailer that has a decent braking system and a low wheelbase. The braking system makes it safer to go on downhill paths while a low wheelbase reduces the risk of tipping on tight turns. 

Portability and Multifunctionality

Do you need your dog wagon for bikes to be light and easy to transport when you’re not using it? Many models are collapsible so you can neatly pack them away when you’re back home. You can also go for a pet bike trailer that doubles as a doggy bed, a crate, or even a stroller. If these added features aren’t as important to you, you can save the extra bucks by going for a single-use dog cart. But if you don’t mind splurging on a multifunctional model, make sure the added features are actually practical. 

Ease of Entry and Exit 

Another detail to account for is how easily and safely your dog can hop in and out of the trailer. This might not be much of an issue if you have smaller breeds like Chihuahuas and Pomeranians. But if your dog is on the larger side, you’ll want the carriage to be as sturdy as possible. For example, an overly excited husky might tip the whole cart over while hopping aboard. Consider looking for a large dog bike carrier that doesn’t swing back or forth as Fido gets in or out of it. 


A final question yourself is whether it’s important that you can clean the dog bike trailer inside and out. If you live in an area with mild weather and have a healthy, short-haired dog, this might not be as big of a deal for you. But if you think you may need to wash your pet bike trailer on a regular basis, one with machine washable mats and covers would be the right choice. An easy-to-clean cart is especially crucial if you live in rainy regions and your dog sheds a lot. 

The X Best Dog Bike Trailers You Can Find on the Market

Now that we’ve covered all the essentials for choosing a dog carriage for bikes, we’ve narrowed down some of the best ones that you can find on the market. Whether you have a small pupper or a chunky doggo—and whether you’re going on short trips around town or countryside adventures—you’re sure to find a trailer that suits you and the furry one’s needs. 

Burley Design Tail Wagon


  • Includes a Burley hitch (for attaching the trailer to your bike)
  • 16-inch wheels
  • Foldable
  • Carries up to 75 pounds

The Burley Tail Wagon features a robust steel and aluminum frame as well as a hard-wearing polyester cover. This makes it a great choice for going on suburban adventures with your dog. What about comfort, you might ask? You can rest assured that Fido stays comfy and cool throughout the trip. The carriage comes with a padded floor and sides, in addition to a mesh screen on the front and back for airflow. This dog bike trailer also has a sunshade so you can take your pet biking come rain or shine. One interesting thing we like about the Tail Wagon is the connector that keeps the cart upright even when your bike is laying flat. 

Reasons to BUY

  • Easy to assemble
  • High quality and sustainable materials
  • Protects from sun and rain
  • Lightweight

Reasons to AVOID

  • Doesn’t have a loop you can attach a leash to
  • Doesn’t have a wheel locking mechanism

Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer


  • Carries up 50 pounds
  • 16-inch wheels
  • Alloy steel foldable frame
  • Adjustable bug screen 

Schwinn, a well-known brand specializing in bicycles, presents the Rascal Pet Trailer. If you have a little pup you want to take with you on bike rides, this small dog bike trailer is a great choice. It is easy to assemble and ideal if you’re on a budget. One thing your doggo will appreciate is the cart’s clear windows—we all know how much dogs love to look outside during road trips. The company also has a larger version of this product and it can carry up to 100 pounds.

Reasons to BUY

  • Floor and side padding for a comfy ride
  • Spacious interior
  • Plenty of air flow

Reasons to AVOID

  • The zipper isn’t that great

Doggyride Mini Dog Bike Trailer


  • Carries up to 55 pounds
  • Features an interior pouch and a pocket for water bottles
  • Aluminum frame
  • UV-resistant mesh panels

Another option for small dogs is the Doggyride Mini Dog Bike Trailer. What’s special about this one is that it doubles as a stroller (stroller kit sold separately). The powdered steel frame and the nylon shell makes this pull-behind dog carrier for bikes quite durable. It basically offers high quality for a moderate price. The Doggyride Mini also comes with a sunroof for puppers who can’t resist sticking their heads out during rides. And with the interior leash and leash hooks, you won’t need to worry about safety. 

Reasons to BUY

  • Well-built and sturdy frame
  • Easily foldable

Reasons to AVOID

  • Smaller than other models
  • Doesn’t include padding (although you can easily add your own)

Aosom Elite II Dog Bike Trailer


  • Carries up to 66 pounds
  • Foldable alloy steel frame
  • 10-inch front wheel and 20-inch rear wheels
  • Built-in hand-lock brake system

If you’re looking for a well-built dog cart that doesn’t require you to break the bank, The Aosom Elite II goes a long way (pun intended). What you’ll love about this bike cart for dogs is that it features 360-degree front wheels so you can maneuver it in rough conditions. Another special treat is that the trailer can also function as a stroller. The Aosom Elite II is available in red, white, green, and blue. 

Reasons to BUY

  • Good value for your buck
  • Good airflow
  • Great design

Reasons to AVOID

  • Assembly may require some guesswork

Burley Design Bark Ranger


  • 20-inch wheels with quick-release push buttons
  • Built-in adjustable handlebar
  • Standard size carries up to 75 pounds and large size up to 100 pounds
  • Aluminum frame

What if you want to take the furry one on an adventure around the wild side? Burley has just the dog bike trailer for you: the Burley Design Bark Ranger. The cart is compatible with larger wheels for uneven terrain and its low center of gravity guarantees a smooth ride. It also comes with exterior pockets to store your gear and can double as a stroller. You can even convert the tires into a ski kit and hit the slopes with your pet (added accessories sold separately). The Bark Ranger is available in two sizes—the larger size making it a go-to choice if you’re looking for a large dog bike trailer.

Reasons to BUY

  • Surprisingly lightweight for a large dog bike carrier
  • Easy to fold
  • Excellent airflow
  • Made from sustainable materials

Reasons to AVOID

  • On the expensive side

PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Bicycle Trailer


  • Carries up to 110 pounds
  • 20-inch wheels
  • Available in both aluminum and alloy steel
  • Foldable

If a weight capacity of 100 pounds still doesn’t cut it, we have something else in store for you: the PetSafe Happy Ride. Previously known as the Solvit Houndabout, this extra large dog bike trailer carries up to a whopping 110 pounds, making it an excellent choice for the gentle giants out there—or two medium-sized mutts. Its low center of gravity combined with an extra-wide wheelbase provides a smooth and stable ride. The cart also features not one, not two, but three pockets for your convenience. 

Reasons to BUY

  • Comfortable padding on sides and floor 
  • Washable cushions
  • Great airflow thanks to mesh screen on the front and back
  • Budget-friendly

Reasons to AVOID

  • Some users have reported issues with the wheels

Burley Design COHO XC Single-Wheel Cargo Bike Trailer


  • Foldable aluminum frame
  • 16-inch wheel
  • Height-adjustable kickstand
  • Carries up to 70 pounds

Yet another product by Burley Design is the COHO XC, a single-wheel bike trailer designed with off-road adventures in mind. Its coil-spring suspension makes it ideal for rugged terrains. This means your pet will have a smooth and comfy ride, especially with the padded floor and sides. The cart’s hitching system is compatible with a wide variety of bike types. So if you’re looking to buy, let’s say, a dog carrier for mountain bikes, COHO XC might just be your best bet. 

Reasons to BUY

  • Solid design
  • Great value for a moderate price

Reasons to AVOID

  • Somewhat heavy
  • The axle is sold separately 

Reddit Summary

Buying a bike trailer for dogs is something of an investment, so a second opinion often comes in handy. And if there’s one place on the internet that’s not scarce on honest opinions, it’s none other than Reddit. We browsed the platform and the top choice seems to be the Burley Tail Wagon, with Schwinn Rascal and PetSafe Happy Ride trailing closely behind (see what I did there?). One Burley user says their doggo absolutely loves it and others claim that it's the best option. That being said, now you know where to start with when you’re on the lookout for a pet bike trailer.


How long can you bike with a dog?

How long you can bike with your dog depends on a number of factors. These mainly include the dog’s fitness level, the outside temperature, and the terrain. A paved road on a hot summer day, for instance, might get uncomfortable for your biking buddy pretty quickly. That wouldn’t be a problem with a dog bike trailer. However, you may still want to take a break at least every hour in case Fido needs to drink some water or do its business. 

How can you help a dog get used to a bike trailer?

To help your dog get used to a bike trailer, start by putting some toys or treats inside to motivate it to go in. If possible, it also helps to assemble the carriage indoors where the pup can watch. Once it’s comfortable with the trailer, you can go on short trips around your neighborhood. Try increasing the length of the trips little by little. Giving your pet treats during the trip and shortly afterwards will help it associate the cart with things it loves. Most importantly, take your time and keep rewarding your pup throughout the process. 

How safe is your dog on a bike trailer?

Many of the dog bike trailers meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. However, these guidelines are actually meant for bike trailers for children. While there aren’t any specific standards for bicycle dog carts, most options on the market come with built-in leashes, reflectors, flags, and other safety features. 

Do you have to keep your dog on a leash in a bike trailer?

The short answer is yes. Even though pet bike trailers usually have a cover that you can zip shut, you may still want to buckle up your pup. Doing so keeps the doggo as safe as it can be. The leash also helps in keeping its weight in the middle of the carriage. This makes it easier for you to maintain your balance while biking. It can also be a good idea not to rely on a cover since a restless dog can easily claw or chew its way out.  


It’s easy to go ahead and buy the first dog bike trailer that you lay your eyes on. But keep in mind that you’ll want something that’ll serve you and your furry road warrior down the line. This means investing in a trailer that ticks all the boxes—from safety to durability. While some options like the Tail Wagon serve their purpose for casual rides around town, others like the COHO XC are designed for off-road adventures. Ultimately, it all comes down to what suits you and Fido’s needs. 

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