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Will my product sell? Only one way to find out

The reason 80% of new products fail year after year is the lack of proper product validation. Before you’re ready to spend your hard earned money and time on guesswork, make sure there are people in the market willing to buy your product.With, you can validate your product concept, test multiple price points, positioning angles, colors, and more. 
Get valuable insights from people who actually intend to purchase your product. 

Does your audience need the product you’re offering?

The process is simple. With our proprietary reservation model, you can easily and realistically estimate the demand for your product in the market. How?Visitors are asked to place a small deposit towards securing your product at the best price. The ones who make the reservation commitment are people with the highest purchase intent. They are also your most important source of customer insight at this stage.
Get peace of mind knowing that what you’re building is going to succeed.

Validate Your Concept, Pricing, Colors, Features, and Audiences

Early Product Concept

Learn if what you want to build has a demand. Try multiple angles. Find one that generates the most interest.
If visitors leave their email addresses, it shows you initial market interest in your product.

Price Testing

Unsure of how much your customers are willing to pay? Test multiple price points to find one that works both for you and your audience.
If, after seeing the price, your visitors still make a reservation to secure your product, you know you’ve hit the jackpot. If not, adjust the price and try again.

Audience Insights

Who is your ideal customer? What do they do? Where are they from? Are they interested in a specific feature? Can they afford your product? How are they going to use it? Prelaunch helps you answer all these questions, and more.
Learn everything about your most excited customers. Uncover audience insights for the highest conversion rates.

Positioning Angles

Communicate your product in a way that resonates with your audience. Try multiple messaging angles until you land on a version that shows the highest interest and purchase intent.
Test headlines, messaging and USPs, highlight different features, and understand which one your audience responds to the best.

Color and Design

Build a product your audience wants to possess. Test a variation of colors, packaging options, what’s-in-the-box items, and let your audience guide you in the right direction.
Make changes to the product presentation until you find a variation with the highest converting potential.
The only way to avoid wasting your time and resources on unexpected scenarios is to do market validation.
Erik Buell
Product Design Legend, ex-Harley-Davidson

Let Your Community Guide You

Listen to what your community is saying. Prelaunch gives you access to an audience that is most excited about your product. They also care about the success of your idea.Let them help you by responding to their feedback. We call it co-creating with your community. And we highly recommend you do it.

Get to Know Your Audience.

Tap into advanced audience insights to understand the wants and needs of your customers better. Learn where they come from, what they do, and how to build trust with them.

AI Market Research Assistant

In less than 60 seconds our AI Market Research Assistant will analyze thousands of your competitor reviews and tell you the main things people love or hate about them.
Add up to 5 competitor products at once
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Your Product Has Potential. But How Much?

Prelaunch product validator gives you qualitative and quantitative information gathered from 35+ data points specifically designed to measure your success potential.The results of your validation tests are cross-checked and compared with similar product launches to ensure you have a holistic view and a solid foundation for future success.
If your Prelaunch metrics are good - you’re ready for a successful launch. If they aren’t - get back to the drawing board, iterate, and try again.

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“ helps to test and evaluate demand for hardware products before you crank up the factory”

One Step Further into Understanding Your Customers

Right after making a reservation visitors are asked carefully crafted questions that will help you get to know them better. Not only do these people care about your product, but they have also demonstrated their readiness to purchase it, making their feedback reliable and insights from these questions irreplaceable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a product idea validator with a unique model of identifying whether there’s a demand for your product and if people are ready to purchase it. It helps you test and validate your product concept, establish a winning pricing strategy, enhance your positioning, and learn everything there is to know about the audience that’s most likely to convert.

As a result, you can direct all your efforts and resources into the right direction to launch with confidence, or go back to the drawing board and make necessary changes before you’re ready to launch.

How does the product validator work?

Prelaunch helps you create a landing page for your product. If the visitors are interested in the product, they are asked to leave their email address to learn about the launch date and see the price of the product.

The next and most important stage is when visitors are asked to make a small deposit towards securing your product at a discounted price once you launch. The deposit amount can vary depending on your price point, but it can be anywhere from a few dollars to $10-20. This reservation confirms the purchase intent of your visitors and is a crucial metric in identifying whether you’ll need to work on your product, pricing, positioning, and more.

Our product validator cross checks and compares your results based on 35+ data points and industry-average metrics to determine if your product will sell or not.

What are the advantages of

“Will my product sell?” is the number one question asked by product creators across all industries. And the only way to answer it with maximum precision is by testing your concept, pricing, color variations, target audiences, and more with our product idea validator.

No third-party platforms, no gaps in user feedback. Create and publish your landing with Prelaunch and access early customer feedback to determine your chances of success. Based on your results, you can change and test as many angles, price points, product variations, and audiences, as you want until you land on a version that outperforms them all and gives you the confidence to launch.

What do I need to get started?

You don’t need much to get started - whether you have an initial concept or a ready prototype, you can simply describe your product and provide some visuals, and our AI along with an advanced page builder will help you generate a highly-converting landing page.

Have more than one price point and positioning angle? Test all your hypotheses and assumptions to find the one that works.

Can I test multiple price points?

Absolutely! Create multiple variants with different price points and test them all, one by one. Your Prelaunch dashboard will accurately showcase each variation performance so you can make data-driven decisions on how to proceed.

Where will the traffic come from?

There are two ways to drive traffic to your product page. First, your page will be automatically displayed on Prelaunch marketplace where our community of early adopters and innovation lovers gathers. Second, either you or our team of advertising specialists can run highly-targeted ads to attract visitors from your ideal target audience.

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