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Will my product sell? Only one way to find out

Most of the products launched in a year fail. Yours doesn’t have to be one of them.Before you invest time and money into building a product, it’s crucial to validate whether there’s a demand for it and whether people are willing to pay the price you’re asking.
Focus groups and surveys can only get you so far. What you need to maximize success is real customer feedback from people who demonstrate both interest and commitment to purchase.
Prelaunch idea validator helps creators launch with confidence, using data to learn exactly what to offer to customers, how to position it, what pricing strategy to set, and much more.

What does Prelaunch idea validator do?

Prelaunch idea validator was built with one goal in mind - ensure that the product you’re working on is successful. With Prelaunch, you can test and validate any aspect of your product - from features and USPs to pricing, color options to positioning angles, and beyond.
The best part is that the information gathered for each testing variation is based on very real customers, with very real purchase intent. 
Potential customers are asked to place a small deposit to secure your product. Visitors who make a monetary commitment to your idea become your most reliable source of information.

Validate Your Concept, Pricing, Colors, Features, and Audiences

Early Idea Validator

Establish if people are interested early on. See if your idea has potential and what you need to revise to make it successful.
Visitors leave their email addresses to unlock the price of your product, showing initial product interest.

Test Multiple Price Points

No matter how great your idea is, if people aren’t willing to pay for it, you’ll fail. Test different prices to see how much your customers are willing to pay while ensuring profitability.
Prelaunch reservation model is designed to determine purchase intent. Compare results from different tests to find the winner.

Deep Audience Insights

Get to know your audience with unmatched analytics and tracking. Learn how people respond to your idea and what they need to fall in love with your product.
Uncover who your ideal customer is, where your most excited users are located and how to attract them.

Position Your Idea Right

Test different positioning and messaging angles to understand which one resonates with your target audience the most.
Try multiple angles to communicate your product to people, change headlines, wording, and see how it impacts audience behavior.

Color and Design

Every minute detail about your idea can and should be tested. Find out if customers prefer one color to another or a different packaging.
Make changes to color options and product design, see which version generates the highest conversion rates.
The only way to avoid wasting your time and resources on unexpected scenarios is to do market validation.
Erik Buell
Product Design Legend, ex-Harley-Davidson

Co-create with a community that wants you to succeed

Let your most excited users and the Prelaunch network help you succeed. Listen to community feedback and take every word seriously. Act on valuable insight gathered from people who care about your success. They can help you build the best version of your product and uncover areas of improvement you might have overlooked.

Gain access to unmatched audience insights Instantly.

Who is your product perfect for? What do these people do? Where do they work and what’s their background? Learn everything there is to know about your potential future customers. 

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Does your idea have what it takes to succeed?

Prelaunch idea validator is built to measure the success potential of any idea - from early stage concept to a finished product.Our powerful analytics suite records over 35 data points for every single page visit. These metrics are cross checked and compared with each variation you test along with historic data from similar products in the market. 
Get a comprehensive breakdown of performance for every iteration and a Prelaunch score that shows your overall readiness to launch.
If your score is high, go ahead and launch with peace of mind.
If your Prelaunch score is low, use the insights from your dashboard to make changes and test again.

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“ helps to test and evaluate demand for hardware products before you crank up the factory”

What is your audience saying?

Statistically, the best time to ask your customers questions is right after they make a purchase. For Prelaunch, that’s right after making a reservation to secure your product.Our carefully crafted surveys will uncover everything your customers need and want, helping you further improve your product or offer based on actionable feedback.

How do I validate my idea with Prelaunch?

Getting started with Prelaunch idea validator is easy. All you have to do is create an initial variant of your product’s landing page and drive traffic there. Based on the results of the first variation, you can change any deliverable and observe how each iteration impacts your results. 
The variation with the best performance and conversion rates is your winner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is idea validator?

Prelaunch idea validator is a concept testing platform packed with all the necessary resources to help creators test and validate market demand.

Using Prelaunch, you can easily test your product idea, evaluate market interest, validate assumptions, find the perfect pricing model, and more.

Every aspect of your idea can be tested to ensure that what you’re planning to build is going to work. Most importantly, it saves you time, money by helping you focus your efforts on a predetermined winning version instead of burning resources on guesswork.

How does the idea validator work?

1. You start out by creating a landing page for your initial variant. You don’t have to get everything right from the first try. Simply create a landing page that accurately describes your product. No copywriting, design, or coding required.

2. Your product will be placed on the Prelaunch marketplace where thousands of early adopters gather. But we encourage you to drive paid traffic to your landing page too - either yourself or by using Prelaunch advertising services.

3. Visitors will first be required to leave their email addresses to unlock the price. This helps establish initial market interest for the idea itself.

4. After revealing the price, users will be asked to place a small deposit (anywhere from $10-20 depending on the product price) to secure your product at the given price point.

5. Run the first variation for about 2 weeks to gather a big enough sample size and then change one deliverable at a time to repeat the test. Monitor the results and how each change affects your conversion rates. The version with the highest subscription and subscription-to-reservation rates is your winner.

How is Prelaunch idea validator different from others?

All creators want to validate their ideas before investing time and money into building a product. But traditional focus groups and surveys don’t convey market interest and purchase intent rates accurately. That’s because people participating in those research methods know they are being surveyed.

Prelaunch, on the other hand, does idea validation in a more natural online shopping environment. The interest and purchase intent are measured realistically - you’re exposing your idea to your potential future customers.

With its unique reservation model and advanced analytics, Prelaunch idea validator gives you the highest possible accuracy in predictions and data.

Can I validate my idea without having a finished product?

Absolutely. Prelaunch encourages idea validation at any stage of product creation. As long as you can provide some information about your product and visuals, you can test as many variations as you want - different USPs, prices, design options, positioning angles, and more.

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